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We do wish it had Bluetooth, though
Ah, the Kia Soul. This car has always struck me as an oddball thanks to its boxy proportions and quirky looks-a "refrigerator on wheels," I'd call it whenever it passed on the road.I wondered whether it'd be as
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Hi, Top Gear!Just want to get your opinion on this one. I'm currently looking to buy my first car which I can drive to and from the office (I'm from Bulacan and my office is at Mandaluyong). Our family
With a little nip and tuck
The Kia Soul has always caught the eye of car buyers looking for something different. Sure, it may be boxy, but that's part of its appeal. It begs to differ from the usual capsule shapes roaming our streets today.But for
A niche product without a true rival
The Kia Soul is a bit of an odd duck. Not quite an MPV, with just five seats, and not quite a crossover, with its sedan-like ground clearance. Instead, it occupies a niche filled with other peculiar vehicles like the Nissan
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Hi, Botchi! I recently read your article on car ownership 101, and I'd like to get help on our next purchase. My husband and I are planning to buy our first brand-new car. Our previous one was a secondhand car
Top Gear features editor Dinzo Tabamo takes on the wheels of the Kia Soul and finds out what the hype is all about<br />
(Updated with photos) It's time to mark your calendar and whip out your checkbook
Kia markets the Soul as an urban crossover vehicle with a sporty design that is complemented by hip features like the speakers that light up and the front bucket seats that gives enough comfort and support while driving. The Kia Soul sold
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