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The crossover’s sleekest iteration yet
The Kia Soul, with its plasticky front end and funky design elements, is a visual oddity-albeit one we can get behind. It's a Korean-made package of space and practicality topped off by quirky styling. But now? We're not
Our (partial) first glimpse
If you were wondering why Kia didn't have a booth at the recent Philippine International Motor Show last month, this is because the Korean brand is in between owners right now. Kia's majority ownership is in the process of being
Some post-TRAIN bargains
Last year, we put together a few lists of cars you can buy for X amount of pesos per month. But as you all know, thanks to the Tax Reform Package for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, the market landscape in 2018
Just a thought
The current-generation Kia Soul, while odd-looking by segment standards, has found a nice niche for itself. Motorists looking for a quirky and dependable ride should have this Korean vehicle on their shortlist.The Soul is nice and all, but with
For those who are allergic to boring cars
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.There's no arguing that Kia's right up there with the best of them when it comes to designing fun-looking cars. The
We do wish it had Bluetooth, though
Ah, the Kia Soul. This car has always struck me as an oddball thanks to its boxy proportions and quirky looks-a "refrigerator on wheels," I'd call it whenever it passed on the road.I wondered whether it'd be as
Here's our opinion
Hi, Top Gear!Just want to get your opinion on this one. I'm currently looking to buy my first car which I can drive to and from the office (I'm from Bulacan and my office is at Mandaluyong). Our family
Rock out or chill with these vehicles
In 2015, Kia rolled into the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show looking to get dirty with the Forte Mud Bogger. It was big, crazy and--most important--looking to get filthy where no other cars would dare. The Korean carmaker had
With a little nip and tuck
The Kia Soul has always caught the eye of car buyers looking for something different. Sure, it may be boxy, but that's part of its appeal. It begs to differ from the usual capsule shapes roaming our streets today.But for
Who saw this coming, seriously?
Whether we admit it or not, many of us used to crack jokes about how cheap or odd-looking Kia vehicles were back then. The Pride, for one, was the butt of all harsh comments during its heyday in the early '90s.
A journey to take you places
Recent studies indicate that half your brain stays awake whenever you sleep someplace new, alert for any possible danger. Which is probably why I found myself oddly awake at four in the morning in a strange bed, hours before sunrise. It takes
Thank heavens for trade agreements
Ever turn your head at an attractive vehicle recently, then do a double-take when you see that the badge is Kia? This has been happening because the Korean carmaker's models have improved significantly in terms of design and engineering over
A niche product without a true rival
The Kia Soul is a bit of an odd duck. Not quite an MPV, with just five seats, and not quite a crossover, with its sedan-like ground clearance. Instead, it occupies a niche filled with other peculiar vehicles like the Nissan
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Hi, Botchi. I'm a senior college student continuing on to medical school. My parents are thinking of buying me a car for use during med school and until I get a job of my own (that's four to eight years
The hip car just got hipper
With the exception perhaps of the Tesla Model S, electric vehicles generally look boring. It's like carmakers deliberately give them a dull design to ensure that their environment-friendliness doesn't escape whoever is staring at them.And then we have
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Hi, Botchi! I recently read your article on car ownership 101, and I'd like to get help on our next purchase. My husband and I are planning to buy our first brand-new car. Our previous one was a secondhand car
Now powered by diesel
Columbian Autocar Corporation, the authorized distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, has launched the all-new Soul at the 2014 Manila International Auto Show.Now powered by a 1.6-liter diesel mill with 126hp and 260Nm, the Soul boasts impressive
In PH distributor\'s marketing promo
We recently laid eyes on the seven-year-old boy who won a brand-new Volkswagen Beetle in a raffle. Here\'s another lucky car winner: Ma. Lourdes Imperial, a doctor who won the keys to a new Kia Soul in a
Conducted by J.D. Power and Associates
The Kia Soul and Sportage topped their respective segments in J.D. Power and Associates\' 2013 Initial Quality Study, leading the compact MPV and subcompact CUV categories, respectively.The awards are the Soul\'s second consecutive IQS and the Sportage\'s first
A mix of old and new
Kia has officially revealed the all-new Soul at the 2013 New York Auto Show, retaining its design while still giving it a passing nod to the Track'ster concept that debuted at the Chicago Auto Show last year.Riding on a
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