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The Korean carmaker has updated its SUV for 2022
Kia has officially updated the Telluride for 2022. The changes are subtle. Very, very subtle. Nonetheless, they're quite important.At first glance, you might not even notice anything new with the exterior. The grille has been tweaked a bit, and that'
From the brand’s beginnings until the present
Kia started out inauspiciously in 1944 as Kyungsung Precision Industry, making steel tubing and bicycle parts. It changed its name to Kia Industries in 1952 (the firm says that its name comes from two Korean characters that roughly translate as 'rising from
Just look at this sleek, sexy beast
We already have a lot of reasons why we want the Kia Telluride to make its way here to the Philippines. Just recently, however, Kia has revealed a new package for its full-size SUV, and it has us wanting the vehicle
The Soul EV, meanwhile, bags the World Urban Car award
Big wins for Kia Motors Corporation this year at the 2020 World Car Awards: the Telluride has been named World Car of the Year, while the Soul EV bagged the World Urban Car award.The awards were inaugurated back in 2003 and
The Korean carmaker has gone all stars and stripes
You can tell a car has been designed and built in America when, despite it being a giant eight-seater, it's described as a 'midsize SUV.' From hamburgers to highways, everything is bigger in America. Kia knows this, and in a
More aftermarket goodness
The Kia Telluride, unmodified, is a full-size SUV that gives off a premium, no-nonsense vibe. It's capable, but we certainly wouldn't call it playful. It looks more like something that'd be parked in between a Lexus and
Rock out or chill with these vehicles
In 2015, Kia rolled into the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show looking to get dirty with the Forte Mud Bogger. It was big, crazy and--most important--looking to get filthy where no other cars would dare. The Korean carmaker had
This thing has ‘therapeutic lighting’
There is a world, unfamiliar to us, where Kia's marketing presence is active and constant. It is a place where the Korean carmaker's promising products are given a chance to shine and be recognized, and not languish in obscurity. It
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