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“The trail tests your riding skills beyond paved and unknown surfaces”
Just over a week ago, I completed an exciting ride with members of the motorcycle media hosted by Yamaha Motor Philippines in a secluded yet picturesque trail called 'laharlandia' in Porac, Pampanga. After surviving the grueling route, we all gave each other
Lynn Sanchez was part of a group of Pinoy riders who conquered Northern Vietnam’s mountain roads
Few things nowadays immediately evoke raw freedom and adventure. Traveling through a foreign country with nothing but a motorcycle, the gear on your saddle, and a group of close friends? That definitely counts as one of those things.From February 19 to
There are several factors
Narrow at the front and bulbous at the rear, with swept-back handlebars resembling the antennae of a wasp-una vespa. These design elements are essential to the DNA of the Vespa scooter.They are as distinctive now as they were in
Daily commuting woes can lead to insanity
Before I step out of the apartment, I run through a questionnaire in my head. How early do I leave? Should I take the MRT? How about I book a Grab instead? These questions show me that reliability is fiction when it
A true fun and fearless female
Born and raised in the United States, 29-year-old Mizziel Serra has visited the Philippines thrice. Every time she's here, she finds herself in the company of Pinoys who are just as crazy about motorcycles as she is.Both her
Sit back and relax today, dad. Let the women in your life take charge and drive for you today. Trust that the girls can drive you to where you need to go. The passenger's seat is yours, or you can also
Our writer shares 13 essential items she always brings
My husband Pat Mamon and I ride a lot. With the limited storage space a motorcycle has, every rider, whether male or female, needs a bag to carry the 'essentials' during a ride. It is important that we both travel light.On
Lady rider talks about her learning experience
I've been riding with my husband, Pat Mamon, since early 2015. And when I started riding on my own motorbike some two months ago, I've often been asked by friends and fellow riders the same question again and again: How
A lady rider's first motorcycle
I am often asked what my first motorcycle was. Wanna guess? Nope, it wasn't a scooter nor an underbone. Actually, I wanted something that looked a bit meaner.Most people then advised me to start with a bike with a small
Husband: "You look good on it, honey!"
It all started with me back-riding with my husband, Pat. After several long trips with him, he noticed that I back-ride well (if there is such a thing), and said that I would most likely ride a bike well and
She calls her Austrian babe ‘13’
I'm a lady rider and I've got a 2014 KTM Duke 200 in my garage. From the day I got this orange machine, it has been my daily ride mostly for city use or for gliding around Metro Manila.I
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