It was back in 1989
Long ago, before the Greenhills Promenade was even remotely an idea, the parking lot in front of the Greenhills Theatre would fill up with all sorts of cars starting at 9pm. Toyota was fully represented with KP Starlets and Corollas of the
Is a modification needed?
Hi Top Gear!I've been following your site for years, even before I bought my first car and I've got to say that you guys are a godsend! Especially for us first timers. So thank you.I'm currently working
Many of these are still around
Alright, so maybe the 2000s is still relatively fresh in our memories compared to the other two decades we've featured in our college cars roundups. After all, there's still a '90s NBA player or two that remain active in the
Remember these?
The current-gen Mitsubishi Lancer might be well past its prime, but it still packs just enough features to be considered a 'modern' compact sedan.We're talking touchscreen infotainment systems, cruise control, reverse parking cameras, and a whole host of other
A trip back in time
People Power, coup attempts, Pope John Paul II's first visit, Lydia de Vega, double-decker buses. The '80s was quite a memorable time in our country's history, especially for those who were coming of age at the time. We could
Would you take this to battle?
Vilner Studio has brought the Mitsubishi Lancer back to life. By way of the samurai. The interior design specialist's newest creation is a reincarnation of the 2011 Lancer Ralliart, named 'Allroads Ronin.'We shall start on the inside. We're told
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