Available in China, Taiwan
In 2015, Mitsubishi Motors president Tetsuro Aikawa broke everyone's hearts and announced that the carmaker had no plans to continue developing the popular sedan. But it looks like Mitsubishi's not done with the Lancer after all-well, not in China
Tennis clinic also awaits young players
Local tennis fans have something to look forward to next week as Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is set to stage the 22nd Mitsubishi Lancer International Junior Tennis Championship (MLIJTC).Recognized as one of the biggest juniors' tournaments in Asia and the longest running
Over 3,000 members and counting
If you're one of our many readers who were bothered by the news about the death of or the possible changes in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, it's time to let yourself be heard.An online petition called "Mitsubishi, Keep the
It will be missed
If you're planning to buy a Lancer Evolution X, now might be a good time to do so as a senior executive from Mitsubishi has reportedly confirmed the current model will be the last of its kind.Mitsubishi's global product
What's the best choice?
Hi, Botchi!I'm planning to buy a new car and my budget is under a million. I want the Subaru Impreza 2.0R Sport but it's out of my budget. My choices are down to: Honda Civic 1.8S (MT)
Various payment plans available<br />
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. is offering three payment schemes for motorists who want to own a brand-new Lancer EX GT-A. One can bring home a new Mitsubishi Lancer EX GT-A for either a downpayment of P100,000 or a
Exciting times ahead!<br />
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is aiming for higher sales in 2010 as it promises "exciting additions" to its current vehicle lineup for the local market. Mitsubishi Philippines plans to sell 28,000 units this year, 20 percent higher than its 2009 sales of
(Updated) Back in the business of sedan-making
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