It's like it was meant to be a convertible
There's another gem that needs adding to the list of 'single sentence horror stories': "A tuner has revealed a modified version of the new Land Rover Defender 90". Chilling stuff.Except, Neils van Roij - the designer behind a lovely two-door
The LR fans can breathe a little easier now
When news broke out about Jaguar Land Rover's rebranding, several motoring news agencies reported that the Land Rover name was to be retired. At the time, it was said that the Land Rover models will be spun off into their respective
A gift from her hubby
In the 4x4 world few models are as well known as the original Land Rover Defender. The boxy icon had big all-terrain tires to fill, so Land Rover understandably took its time in developing the replacement. But it was worth the
As part of the 2023 Icon series
Anyone fancy a new Lego model? We certainly do. Though we tell ourselves gifts for special occasions are the only way to justify the pricey, yet spectacularly detailed adult Lego sets, the struggle to wait is real. And now as part of
by Cat Dow
Meet Chery’s retro-futurisic 4x4
Chery has revealed a new retro-looking SUV, or rather, launched under its new Jetour brand. Dubbed the Traveller, it's the latest addition to Chery's SUV portfolio and yet another offering in the rapidly expanding Jetour marque. We also can'
Diesel, gas, and plug-in hybrid options available
A few months ago, Land Rover Philippines rolled out the all-new Range Rover in the country. The regal halo SUV has certainly enjoyed its time in the limelight since its launch, but it's now time to let its brother be
A nearly 20-year-old legend resurfaces
In 2004, Land Rover did something it'd never done in its 56-year history: a concept car. It was called the Range Rover Stormer-a Lambo-doored Range Rover coupe with the supercharged 4.2-litre V8 usually found in Jaguar'
You know who it is...
A 1980 Range Rover Classic believed to have been owned by the one and only Bob Marley goes under the hammer with Classic Car Auctions without reserve at the end of March. Note that phrase 'without reserve'. We're not talking about
by Cat Dow
And they're all sold out
Land Rover has unveiled a new limited-edition Range Rover, retailing for a charming £250,000 (P16,510,436...sans local taxes). The Range Rover SV Lansdowne Edition is the latest model of the award-winning SUV and only 16 examples are
by Cat Dow
Spot the diff
The new Range Rover Velar has been given a slight makeover. The luxury SUV gets a new grille and sleeker centre console display, in a light facelift that prioritises aesthetics and tech over engineering upgrades.In the refresh, the Velar loses the
by Cat Dow
Have you changed your opinion on a car recently?
If you stick around for a long time, people get fed up with you. But hang in there and eventually they begin to love you again. I give you Paul McCartney's headlining at Glastonbury and Abba's sold out avatar gigs,
See anything you like?
Since its introduction (seemingly half a lifetime ago, but who's counting), the XC90 vaulted to the top of the 'sensible family car' list. And that's in spite of the fact that it's an SUV.And that's all down
It was a lifetime ago, 60 years to be exact, when 33 men in 14 Land Rover Defender Series IIA vehicles went on an epic overland journey traversing Eastern, Central, and Northern Luzon. Remember that this was six decades ago, and those
A Defender for the family, perhaps?
The Land Rover Defender is arguably one of the most complete vehicles you'll see in the market today. Sure, it has a hefty price tag, but it has the luxury, comfort, performance, and even off-road capabilities that you'd look
Out goes the V8, in goes electric motors
It was only a year ago that Lunaz announced it was turning its hand to classic Range Rovers. But we get the feeling that we're looking at... well, a pair of gorgeous Rangies, obviously, but also what might be what Lunaz
Sneaky sneaky...
Ever heard the one about a bulletproof Land Rover?And before you reply, 'Yeah, it's called a Land Cruiser', we should point out that we're talking about a literally bulletproof Land Rover. A new Defender 110, to be precise.OK,
Time is of the essence, even in the middle of nowhere
If you like nothing more than spending your weekends up to your wing mirrors in mud and tricking out your 4x4 with knobbly tires and a snorkel... you might want to complete the look with an appropriate watch.The first question is
The Series 1 Land Rover premiered nearly 75 years ago
It's very nearly 75 years since the first Series I Defender was shown to the world at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948, and to mark the milestone Land Rover has decided that a special version of today's car is
Rest in peace, Ma’am
While she's been chauffeured in hundreds of exquisite machines, it's no surprise to learn that Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had a fondness for driving herself.Britain's longest reigning monarch-who sadly passed away aged 96-was a
Should you cancel that Bentayga order?
New Range Rovers have never been cheap, but this Carmel Edition might be wading into some seriously deep water in that regard.As you might expect from a) Land Rover's SV Bespoke division and b) a luxury car limited to just
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