They finished the 24 hour race too!
Not only was the late Paul Newman a multi award-winning actor, he was also a rather handy driver, having picked up the bug for racing while filming 1969's Winning. Four national championship titles in the Sports Car Club of America
As the race starter for the event’s 100th anniversary
The race starter of the 24 Hours of Le Mans has an important job, and this year-for the event's 100th anniversary, don't forget-that responsibility has been handed to none other than basketball legend LeBron James.The four-time
This is dubbed the Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition
In tribute to the 100th anniversary of Le Mans-the eagerly awaited follow-up to the 24h du M25-the Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) team has revealed a commemorative concept car. And it's none other than... the Prius 24h Le
by Cat Dow
Yup, you read that right
Lamborghini has announced its newest factory driver for the 2023 season onwards, and it's a name you may recognize.Yep, Romain Grosjean has joined Lamborghini Squadra Corse, with the 36-year-old set to drive a Huracán GT3 EVO2 run
The 499P is Ferrari’s first-ever Le Mans entry since the 1970s
Ferrari racing cars that share roots with its road cars. Seems like a product of another time, doesn't it? To be able to find the same basic engine in a road-going Ferrari as you would in its endurance racing cars
Porsche is coming back to Le Mans in 2023. This is their contender.
We're almost contractually obliged to open with the fact that Porsche has won the Le Mans 24hr race 19 times outright, giving it clear room ahead of Audi (13) and Ferrari (9).This then, is the car looking to make it
It will feature some design elements from road-going Cadillacs
Teaser images of new cars are often a little bit infuriating, aren't they? We're okay with this one though, not least because the Cadillac V-Series prototype that it previews looks particularly striking.We already knew that Cadillac Racing was
It fetched $2.208 million—or more than P106 million—at auction
Another day, another ultra-rare watch obliterates auction records. A TAG Heuer Monaco that Steve McQueen rocked throughout the 1971 film Le Mans (!) has became the most expensive TAG Heuer ever sold. The timepiece smashed records by selling for a total of $
It’s called the Hybrid4 500KW
This, Internet, is the powertrain of Peugeot Sport's new Le Mans hypercar. The world's most famous endurance race-and the World Endurance Championship it headlines-is adopting new rules soon, rules exciting enough to entice the French company back onto
The 2021 Formula E season will be Audi’s last
Big news, motorsport fans of the internet. 2021's Formula E season will be the last for Audi's factory-backed team. It's quitting the sport to focus on the Dakar Rally, which it will enter in 2022 with an "innovative
On the same day the GR Super Sport hypercar makes its first public appearance
After 24 grueling hours and over 5,000 kilometers covered, Toyota Gazoo Racing officially notched its third straight win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.The victory was secured by Sebastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima, and Brendon Hartley aboard the No8 TS050
It’s one of only two surviving units
Here's another auction to keep an eye on-if you're a taipan or captain of industry, at least.This is one of only two surviving units of Ford Advanced Vehicles' GT Competition Prototype Roadster, and it could sell for up
You can't go wrong with cars and coffee
We all probably know a guy who runs on coffee like cars run on fuel. Part of his morning routine includes sitting down for a cup of his favorite brew, and he deems it as important as taking a bath before heading
Ambitious, but gorgeous timepieces
The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the most grueling motorsports events on earth, and if you've ever seen Ford v Ferrari, then you can understand just how big a deal it is. As an homage to the legendary
It’s wild, but so are other hypercars these days
Work experience normally involves shadowing a relative, working in a shop, or being asked to get a tin of tartan paint. Not so in the case of Max Lask. The plucky and incredibly talented designer recently completed an internship at Bugatti's
“It will be a proud day for us and America.”
Sure, 007's taken a few varied forms over the years, but none have been this fast. Or indeed, this red. Connery's screen presence packed a punch, but even the big man didn't have 840hp.Welcome, then, to the Glickenhaus
Each design with its own unique livery
There's no need for imagination nowadays, we've got Photoshop for that. And some people are rather good with a digital paintbrush and pallet, leaving the potential and opportunities of what you want to make pseudo-reality literally endless.People like
Love the livery
This stunning device is the actual Bugatti EB110 that raced at Le Mans in 1994. So far it's the only Bugatti to have taken part in the 24hr race since a supercharged T57C took Bugatti's second victory back in 1939.
Even if it is just a render for now
Yikes. We weren't ready for this kind of excitement today. Peugeot has given us an early glimpse at its 2022 Le Mans competitor, and it looks good."Peugeot and Rebellion are pleased to announce that they will be joining forces to
“The F355 was the car of its decade and it still feels bloody relevant today”
We hear it coming. With a noise akin to a MotoGP bike chuntering against its pit limiter, the sound of Jeff Segal's Ferrari F355 fills our ears long before a flash of Rosso Corsa punches through the dank, gray conditions. He
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