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It’s about time road rage becomes a criminal offense
If enacted, the bill will raise some P274.45-B over the next five years
As we've reported, the House Committee on Ways and Means has approved House Bill No. 376, which proposes to replace the existing Motor Vehicle User's Charge (MVUC) with higher Motor Vehicle Road User's Tax (MVRUT) rates.Just to reiterate,
Motorcycles, tricycles are exempted from paying the charges
One day after the rationalization of the Motor Vehicle User's Charge (MVUC) was mentioned in passing during President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s second State of the Nation Address (SONA), the House Committee on Ways and Means approved a bill proposing the
Up to P2 million depending on the size of the truck
Recent fatal road incidents involving trucks have prompted a lawmaker to file a House bill that seeks to give motorists and pedestrians a higher third-party liability insurance claim amount should they figure in an accident with a commercial vehicle.Representative Wilbert
Both thoroughfares are located in Quezon City
Two Quezon City streets, namely, Agham Road and BIR Road, could soon be renamed after the late former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago."The Agham Road and the BIR Road, stretching from North Avenue, traversing through Quezon Avenue up to East Avenue, all
The same goes for luxury watches
Any one-percenters here looking to add a brand-new Ferrari or Lamborghini to their garage? Yeah, you might want to act fast-because a bill has been filed in Congress that may cause luxury car prices to shoot up considerably.House
What do you think of this?
Recently, a bill further regulating motorcycle use and ownership was filed in the House of Representatives. It's called the Motorcycle Safety Riding Act, and it basically aims to require all motorbike owners and riders to become a member of a Land
This is big
If this bill becomes law, owning a motorcycle may soon become a bit more difficult.House Bill no. 32, also referred to as the Motorcycle Safety Riding Act, has been filed in Congress. We know, the legislature has tackled the issue of
As well as free parking at select establishments
One way to help offset the rising cost of fuel in the country is by carpooling. Instead of several motorists each taking their own vehicle out, everyone just bunches up inside one car. Less fuel consumed and less space taken up on
Think this will pass?
Remember the Proof of Parking Space Act from 2018? It's probably safe to say that didn't push through as planned, huh? This isn't deterring one lawmaker from filing a similar bill in congress, though.House Bill No. 31, also
Pranksters beware
This week, the Senate approved on the third and final reading the measure that seeks to prohibit hoax orders and protect delivery riders and drivers from canceled bookings and fake deliveries.With 23 affirmative votes, the chamber unanimously approved Senate Bill No.
This motocross legend is also Duterte’s good friend and riding buddy
Senator Joseph Victor 'JV' Ejercito cannot hide his elation at President Rodrigo Duterte's call to suspend the implementation of the newly signed Republic Act No. 11235, otherwise known as the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act."For me, it's more like an
More than 100,000 riders occupy EDSA People Power Monument
‘We felt betrayed by our fellow riders in the Senate’
How many ways can an individual group air its grievances? Let us count the ways.Through memes, social-media comments, street protests, hunger strikes, withdrawals of political support, and many more. Name it, it will be done.President Duterte signed Republic Act
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