A powerful yet silent crossover
Lexus's reputation was built on refinement above all else-in ride, interior appointments, and drivetrain. That, and bulletproof build quality. But now, every carmaker and his uncle want to be sporty. So Lexus has evolved to incorporate a harder edge, a
Specifications, features and prices
Like the cars it sells, Lexus Manila hosts events that are classy and relaxed. The already spiffy showroom is dressed up even more, a musical performance is staged, and delicious catered food is served. But last Thursday night, we noticed right away
GS F Sport, RX and a mystery concept car
The Japanese domestic market will get its first look at the face-lifted version of the current-generation Lexus GS midsize sedan. Now on its fourth iteration, the GS (also known as the Toyota Aristo in Japan) gets a more powerful presence
A bigger version of the NX
While luxury carmakers compete in almost every vehicle category, certain brands have laid claim to certain segments. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class owns the full-size sedan market and BMW dominates the sports sedan category with its 3-Series. But when it
What engines are arriving?
If you've always wanted a Lexus crossover SUV but find even the smallest model (RX) in the brand's SUV lineup just a little too expensive, your dream of owning one might come true this year. The recently revealed Lexus NX,
When luxury and elegance come together
There's "luxury" and then there's "elegance." A luxury car can affirm your status in life and pamper with all sorts of features, but it won't necessarily be "elegant." Over a weekend driving the Lexus RX450h, I kept thinking of
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