No Vibranium here, people. Just a fresh exterior wrap job and some neat gold trim-but we rather like what Adidas' S.E.E.D students and Lexus have come up with for the RX500h.Designers could have easily gone the tacky
Wald has added more menace to this SUV
The Lexus RX is a sensible hybrid SUV made by a sensible company that trades on cast-iron reliability and technology. And, once upon a time, mad V10-engined supercars, but we digress.A tuner in Japan known as Wald International has
Is the Lexus RX 450h just hybrid hype or the real deal?
Let's be real here: Hybrids still haven't taken off like they should have in the Philippines. You can pin it on high purchase prices of the cars, a devotion to diesels, or even misconceptions about the hybrid system. While it'
Perfect for Father’s Day
Do you want to see the latest Lexus models but Bonifacio Global City, where the Lexus showroom is located, is surrounded by gridlock? Don't fret, because Lexus Philippines is showing off its hottest cars in a slightly more accessible venue. From
The brand is on a hot streak
Lexus has been a roll when it comes to its crossovers recently. The RZ, Lexus' first-ever global EV, was a thing to behold. And then not long after, the refreshed UX was unveiled.Now? The brand is making changes to the
It’s supposedly undergone a “complete renewal”
It's been one product launch after another for Lexus. Fresh off the reveal of the new UX, the carmaker is now gearing up to introduce yet another new model: the all-new RX.Lexus has confirmed that the next-gen model
Time to move up to something more premium?
Considering moving up to something snazzier on the automotive totem pole? Lexus Philippines has a few deals you might be willing to consider.The Japanese carmaker is continuing its streak of local promo offers with new summer deals on the RX and
Special financing deals are also available on the entire RX range
Lexus Philippines is back at it again this month with more sweet deals on select models. If you're looking to buy a new premium crossover or sedan, you might want to check these offers out.This March, the entire Lexus RX
Pay zero interest up to 36 months
There used to be a time when the Lexus RX was the top choice for those who didn't want anything too exciting, but wanted something plush, comfortable and reliable. Nothing wrong with that. But Lexus wasn't satisfied being the default
In case the NX was too small for you
Lexus Manila has been subtly pushing premium car buyers towards the NX these past couple of months with zero-interest deals and other enticing offers. If you're someone who found the crossover a tad bit too small for your tastes, though,
A little extra assurance never hurt
If you're paying a premium for a car, you want to be sure you're buying not just performance, but convenience, too. We aren't just referring to an intuitive infotainment interface or extra features here, either. Once a vehicle leaves
Available with 30% downpayment and 24- or 36-month payment terms
With promos getting rolled out across the market, October is shaping up to be quite the busy month for carmakers and a pretty interesting time for potential car buyers. The latest to reveal new limited-time offers is Lexus Philippines, which has
That’s quite a face
We know a sharp-looking grille when we see one, but this might be taking it too far.The face you see here comes courtesy of Russian tuner SCL Global and is fitted onto a modified Lexus RX called the 'Goemon.' Thoughts?
The latest models in the market
The German luxury auto brand released the all-new second-generation CLA four-door coupe. While it retains the familiar swoopy roofline, it gets sharper lines and a grille that now leans forward. If the previous model was sporty, this one looks
It's impressive
It's hard to imagine that the Lexus RX line has been around since 1998. Has it really been that long? And in the land of sunny California, the RX is the king of SUVs. Just cruise around LA. You will
Expect a myriad of added tech along with an improved ride and smoother handling
If you thought the Lexus RX Line was good enough already, then you're in for quite a treat: Toyota's luxury arm has announced that a refreshed version of the RX will hit the US market soon."The best-selling Lexus
With either a V6 or hybrid powertrain
Lexus, which as you all know is the luxury arm of Toyota, has just unveiled a roomier version of its popular RX crossover. The new RX L models now come equipped with the power of three...rows, with the option of six-
Specifications, features and prices
Like the cars it sells, Lexus Manila hosts events that are classy and relaxed. The already spiffy showroom is dressed up even more, a musical performance is staged, and delicious catered food is served. But last Thursday night, we noticed right away
GS F Sport, RX and a mystery concept car
The Japanese domestic market will get its first look at the face-lifted version of the current-generation Lexus GS midsize sedan. Now on its fourth iteration, the GS (also known as the Toyota Aristo in Japan) gets a more powerful presence
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