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Is this the big break the local EV market has been waiting for?
Slowly but surely, electric-powered offerings have begun trickling into the Philippine auto market. That said, we're still a long way from saying the technology has planted its roots locally.Next year, though, the local EV industry might finally be getting
Will it succeed?
Say hello to the Lexus RZ, the Japanese car brand's first-ever global electric vehicle. To say the company has a lot riding on this thing's success is a massive understatement, considering Lexus hopes to draw 100% of its sales
Our first look at the Lexus RZ
This, ladies and gents, is what the new Lexus RZ electric SUV will look like when it's revealed in full in the next couple of months. It's... not bad, is it?Not by SUV standards anyway. The notches down the
Does it look more like the LF-Z Electrified, or the Toyota bZ4X?
Lexus has made it clear that it's starting to go big on electric vehicles, as evidenced by the LF-Z Electrified that the carmaker showed us earlier this year. But that was just a concept-now, the carmaker has confirmed that
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