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Are you a fan of the anime?
It won't summon wish-granting immortal dragons, but Casio's latest G-Shock collaboration will make a perfect addition to any Dragon Ball Z fan's collection.The GA-110JDB features a handful of design accents that pay tribute to the
For those cleaning out their garage
There's no stopping the all-too-Filipino trait of hoarding, no matter how hard we try. For whatever reason, we find it impossible to throw things away, instead allowing piles of junk to clutter our houses. One way to declutter and
Are you a Sega fan?
Fans of Sega Out Run, Sega Rally and, well, anything Sega are going to want to set aside some funds right about now because the iconic Japanese game developer is celebrating its 60th anniversary by putting some special-edition merchandise up for
We already have some favorites
We recently let you in on the news that Japanese retail brand Uniqlo is opening an online store in the Philippines very soon, and we're sure you're already excited to start filling up your shopping cart. Now, we can share
Chances are this will cost a pretty penny
Wealthy hypebeasts will soon have a proper workstation to match their overpriced fanny packs and gold-wrapped Lamborghinis.Lifestyle brand and skate shop Supreme has just announced a new collaboration with Mac Tools, wrapping the latter's T5025P Tech Series Work Station
That price tag, though
Everyday after lunch at the Top Gear Philippines office, I buy a P20 cup of coffee, bring it back to my desk, and down it like I would any other drink. If my acid's acting up, I might splurge on a
Shipping has been delayed, though
Here's a surefire way to get in the good graces of your car club during your next fun run: Bring along a drone and produce a highlight reel after the drive. It's a simple but effective gesture, trust us.If
*Or your wallets
Lego has really outdone itself lately with recent releases like the all-new Land Rover Defender and the most iconic superhero car in cinema history. Gearheads are grateful, but in case you or your kid want to take a break from cars
From watchmaker Rado
Tired of waiting for your significant other to arrive on dates? Here's an idea: Why not buy him or her a watch this coming Valentine's Day?If you like the sound of that suggestion, Rado-a brand that prides itself
Any fans here?
Detroit has seen better days. Still, despite its recent financial troubles, the city remains the car capital of the US.Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler-the country's automotive 'Big Three'-all continue to call Detroit home. As such, its locality's
Because traffic
Early this month, our company, Summit Media, began a new scheme that allows its full-time employees to work remotely for two days a week-meaning we don't need to be behind the wheel for an hour or so to get
Used by real Formula 1 drivers
If you're deadly serious about sim racing, like Lando Norris, a 'direct drive' wheel is essential. Rather than belt-driven, the rim is bolted directly to the motor, offering stronger force feedback, but also more detailed and immediate response.Up until
The journey into Chinatown was well worth it
For anyone who's in search of authentic Chinese food, there's no better place to look than in the heart of Binondo. As the Top Gear Philippines team recently took a quick trip to that part of town, we made sure
Ladies, check these out
The original Carrera collection was launched in 1963 and continues to thrive within motorsports culture. Good news, then, as the Swiss watchmaker has just released the Carrera Lady collection.The timepieces in the revamped Carrera Lady collection-all in 36mm-feature a
Be prepared to spend
Sometimes, you just need an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. And what better way to escape by immersing yourself in a luxurious dining experience? Enter Antonio's in Tagaytay.The opulent restaurant is nestled away in the heart
Gianni Agnelli had a bit of a thing about style
If you inherit a business empire, what is your next move? Do you work hard to grow the company your family built up, or do you continue gadding about the place as an international playboy? If you are Gianni Agnelli, you do
Only a tad bit smaller, though
Here's another Toyota RC, this time from Tamiya, and altogether different. This faithful 1/10th scale model of the Le Mans- winning TS050 isn't all that complicated underneath, but it looks the absolute business. Does require some building, making
Because RC has never been cooler
Nowadays, RC cars are serious things that command serious prices. Take HPI Racing's Toyota FJ Cruiser. Underneath, it's running some proper hardware. Permanently locked diffs, oil-filled shock absorbers, telescoping driveshafts feeding all four wheels, and much besides means that
For those times when you’re a passenger in EDSA gridlock
Just in case you haven't felt it, Manila traffic has pretty much taken over our lives. We've been forced to wake up earlier for the commute to work, or get home later (and more stressed) because of the gridlock.Good
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