These look great
Are any motorsport fans here looking to add to their watch collection? If you're one of them, then you'll probably be interested in the new racing-themed Edifice timepieces Casio is currently offering.The Edifice Racing Multicolor Series is a
There’ll be one set for each decade of the brand
In celebration of Matchbox's 70th anniversary, parent company Mattel is paying tribute with a special-edition Matchbox range. Seven different assortments-one for each decade-feature new castings of iconic models such as the Jaguar D-Type, the Porsche 911 Turbo,
by Cat Dow
Bad idea?
Intelligent and adaptive braking, self-driving, hands-free mode, automatic parking-no, we aren't listing down the spec sheet of Elon Musk's latest creation. This is actually the feature package of a baby stroller.So, yeah. Apparently, self-driving strollers
A solid premium midrange offering
The premium midrange segment is full of phones that cost and do much more than your typical smartphone but which aren't quite the status symbols that high-end Apple and Samsung products are. Yet thanks to their price positioning, they can
Looking good
Automotive-themed footwear can be pretty hit or miss. Sometimes, their designs try too hard to appear car-centric and end up looking busy, other times there's barely anything resembling the vehicle a shoe is based on in the look.The
120hz is a literal game-changer
Is anyone here enjoying the hell out of Disney+ now that the streaming service is available in the Philippines? Good for you. I, on the other hand, am left wanting every time I switch on my television and boot up the app.
Looking for a new bag?
Don't be surprised when supercar-branded accessories and apparel come with price tags that reflect the vehicles they're based on. The cost of Tumi's new McLaren collection, for example, will make your eyes water.The most affordable product in
Guess how much one of these goes for
Christmas is coming up. And you know what that means? It's time for ninong to pony up.Usually, a shiny new die-cast will suffice. If, however, ninong is feeling extra generous this year, perhaps the gift idea he's looking
Can this convince you to ditch WFH?
Admit it: You've dozed off at your desk at one point or another. It's perfectly fine. Fatigue gets to everyone. Besides, research shows that short naps can actually boost a person's performance.This is the idea behind the Totone-
Eurobeat intensifies
Any Initial D or MF Ghost fans here? Well, scratch whatever you've been saving up for this holiday season because Casio has dropped something that'll surely take the top spot on your Christmas wishlist.The watchmaker has released a new
Our staff member tries one to find out
Okay, so Mitsubishi's new Ralliart Edition releases aren't exactly what fans were expecting. Still, we're glad to see the name back in the local market. Even if it is just in the form of this dressed-up Strada.The
EV batteries are pretty capable
You've probably read about electric vehicle owners turning their units into mobile generators during power outages. But an entire hotel powered by an EV? This might be a first.In the UK, an entire resort is operating powered solely by Hyundai
Now that is one clean-looking watch
The Super Cub is easily one of the most iconic scooters from Honda history. As such, if you're going to base a watch off the thing, there's kind of a little pressure to get it right.Thankfully, Seiko's done
Catch it when you can
Ramen isn't exactly a dish one would consider easy to transport. For one thing, it can spill. Also, depending on your order, it can get cold or go stale, which is kind of a big deal if we're talking about
What do you think?
If you're charging £2,500 (just under P160,000) for your scooter, you better be sure people are getting their money's worth. More so when you're calling your product the "world's first hyper scooter."Does the Dragonfly DF-
We could look at these displays all day
We're in the '-ber' months already? Well, you know what that means: Christmas shopping season is just around the corner-if it isn't here already.Those of you interested in buying a loved one (or yourselves) a brand-new timepiece
Monitors, racing wheel, and pedals not included
At first glance, the GTElite Cockpit Ford GT Edition by Next Level Racing looks like a pretty nice bargain. Just $799 (just under P45,000) for this? Not bad at all-at least if you're basing it on some of the
These are some cool-looking offerings
Montblanc. Are you familiar with the name? Not the watch and accessory company, but the landmark the brand based its name on.The Mont Blanc is actually the highest mountain in Western Europe. Located in Italy's Aosta valley, one of Mont
It comes with a hefty price tag, though
Driving a car up a twisty road is nice and all, but there's an entirely different kind of adrenaline to tackling certain environments on two wheels instead of four.If this is a mindset you live by and prefer to have
They look really damn good, though
Countless car guys dream of owning a McLaren. Now, the supercar manufacturer is giving all of us a chance to live the fantasy. Good luck hitting highway speeds in these, though.What you're looking at is McLaren's new collaboration with
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