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There’s a whole load of quilted leather...even on the floor
One each for Asia, North America, and Europe
Toyota has just dropped the tastiest-looking thing we've seen all week. Granted, it's only Wednesday, but behold, the Toyota GR Supra GT4 100 Edition. It's super-rare. There's only three of them being built, with one each
by Cat Dow
Built for ‘sheer driving pleasure’
When Andreas Preuninger, the boss of Porsche's GT Line cars, gets this enthusiastic, he's pretty hard to ignore. Not that you'd ever want to."Honestly, I can't wait for you to drive it. I know we're not
You can only get this colorway with this edition
The current-generation Mazda MX-5 ND has been in production for eight years now, but it still looks achingly beautiful. It is a fine-tuned instrument of driving joy, designed to excite yet still delivers on the promise of motoring bliss.
It’s aptly called the Grand Edition
With the proliferation of electric SUVs and mega-horsepower hybrid sedans, you'd be forgiven for forgetting the Mercedes-AMG G63 is very much still a thing. It'll continue to be a thing in the future, of course, but for now
Be very afraid
Ferrari's famously unhinged 'XX' series of cars-which count 2005's FXX through 2008's FXX Evo, 2010's 599XX cars and the wild LaFerrari-based FXX-K of 2014-have always been tethered to a racetrack. For the first time,
Only 900 versions will be made, all bound for the US
Toyota quotes the Supra's four-decade long legacy of appeal, though really we only need to turn unto its most famous hour-that as a 10-second car. And while these new US-only upgrades won't exactly help it smoke
Happy 60th, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines!
2023 is a significant year for Mitsubishi Motors Philippines. It celebrated 60 years of operations in the country, and it launched the updated Xpander Cross. But the party isn't over for the company.Mitsubishi has launched a new Xpander Cross
Only 50 will be sold at special prices
Over the years, there has been no shortage of special editions of the Mazda BT-50. There have been two Pangolin editions over the years, spanning two generations of the pickup. Now, there's another special edition model that's available for
Should you cancel that Bentayga order?
New Range Rovers have never been cheap, but this Carmel Edition might be wading into some seriously deep water in that regard.As you might expect from a) Land Rover's SV Bespoke division and b) a luxury car limited to just
Gotta love that retro racing livery
In celebration of 60 years of Grand Prix racing, Yamaha has been releasing a series of special liveries for its YZF line of sportbikes. From the R15 all the way up to the R1, each member of the Japanese brand's roster
Don’t know who Giacomo Agostini is? Let’s do something about that...
Few racers come close to the greatness and success of Giacomo Agostini, whose racing exploits had mostly been earned astride a red and silver MV Agusta race machine with cowl fairings and a yellow #1 plate.With 122 motorcycle Grand Prix wins
F.R.I.D.A.Y. doesn’t come standard. Boo
If getting an official Iron Man vehicle is on your wish list, but Tony Stark's Audi R8 is well out of your price range, then maybe Yamaha Brazil's latest limited-edition collab is right up your alley.The Iron Man
It’s currently up for auction
So, here's an odd one: Do you have an overwhelming desire to own a secondhand Renault Twizy? Okay, how about one that uses genuine racing parts from open-wheelers? One that, if you were being kind, you could say takes its
A whole lot of extras for the premium you pay over a ‘normal’ Boxster GTS 4.0
Fun fact: The Boxster has been on sale roughly as long as our youngest staffer has been alive. And in those 25 years, Porsche has sold over 43,000 of the UK alone. No wonder there's no shortage of
Only 740 of these will be made
It was 60 years ago that a chap called John Cooper-owner of the Cooper Car Company, which won the F1 constructors' titles in 1959 and 1960-realized the sporting potential of the humble Mini.You know the story-Cooper-fettled Minis
Indian and Tank Machine have come up with three bold and colorful liveries
The Scout Sixty is perhaps the most beginner-friendly among Indian's big-bore V-twin bikes. Its 1,000cc liquid-cooled engine puts down a healthy but manageable 78hp and 88Nm of torque. This bobber-style motorcycle is made even more
This is the best speedster around
It's McLaren's take on the wild speedster storm that's currently swirling around Planet Car.In a bid to keep up with the windshield-less Joneses like the Lamborghini SC20, the Ferrari Monza, and the Aston Martin Speedster (but following
The Bussink GT R Speedlegend should be right up your alley
Mercedes-Benz plans to sell only 750 examples of the AMG GT R Roadster, but that hasn't stopped prolific Merc collector and 'friend of the brand' Ronald A. Bussink from buying up five to create a limited run of these-the
To some cozy spot where we can while away the day and chill
Have you ever thought about taking a scooter to a leisurely meal outdoors? Well, Vespa's got just the ride for you-the newly released Vespa Picnic. And as the name suggests, it features several picnic-related accessories, unique styling, and special
Limited to just 160 units
Yeah, we know what you're thinking: "Not another limited-run Mazda MX-5..." Well, yes, this is exactly that, but Mazda has always loved giving its little roadster the special edition treatment. And quite a lot of you have loved buying
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