Before-and-after photos
The lights are usually the first things that I notice in a car, so you could imagine how difficult it was for me to look at this every day.This kind of damage is bound to happen if a car is used
A quick update
Just a quick update with the front end and the lights.As you can see, this corner was damaged during a yet unknown incident. Even in this state, the Love Wagon\'s face still has plenty of character.Check out the transformation.
More before-and-after photos
Now we are coming to my favorite area to look at in older cars--the engine bay. Back then there weren\'t any giant plastic covers to cover up all sorts of messy electric wiring so engines were exposed in all of
More before and after photos
I can\'t help but remember the tiny details when I analyze these photos closely. Even the smallest dings, dents, and scratches have their own stories. If you have a camera, by all means take as many photos as you want of
Some before and after photos
I\'m glad that my younger brother (who took a lot of the photos for this blog) and I were really obsessive and compulsive about documenting progress.While the wagon was sitting up in Baguio I asked him to take lots of
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