Manila City has also cleaned up the road markings that went viral as NCAP trap
This is big
If this bill becomes law, owning a motorcycle may soon become a bit more difficult.House Bill no. 32, also referred to as the Motorcycle Safety Riding Act, has been filed in Congress. We know, the legislature has tackled the issue of
Take note
Waiting on another registration validity extension from the Land Transportation Office (LTO)? Well, here it is: The agency has confirmed another extension for July.The LTO has confirmed that the registration of all motor vehicles with license plates ending in 7 will
The agency just caught fixers offering ‘non-appearance’ registration services
If you have any transactions with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), conduct them the right way. We know there are still a lot of fixers out there that can make life easier for you for an added price, but those seemingly harmless
Here’s everything you need to know about deeds of sales for motor vehicles
We have all been there. We're up and ready to buy a new (to us) secondhand vehicle. We have cash in hand, and as we go up to shake the seller's hand, he instead turns over a piece of paper
These were the actual papers we got when we registered our vehicle
Have any of you guys renewed the registration of any of your cars in recent months? We know the Land Transportation Office (LTO) keeps extending the registration validity of a lot of vehicles month in and month out, but we'll have
How to deal with scrap cars
What happens when you wreck or scrap your vehicle? Say you got into an accident and while you came out relatively unscathed, your vehicle is now a total loss. If you happen to have the foresight to have insurance that is cooperative,
More breathing room
Vehicle owners with license plates ending in 6, the extended validity of your registration is about to come to an end.If your car's plate ends in this numeral, you have until July 31 to renew your vehicle's Land Transportation
You’ve been warned, guys
Driving an unregistered vehicle is against the law-and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) wants its personnel to know they aren't immune from being charged for the violation.The agency recently released a memorandum reminding its employees not to operate
The registrations of covered vehicles will be valid until June 30
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has just extended the validity of driver's license and student permits that expired in May. The agency is now doing the same for vehicle-registration documents.The LTO has just announced that the registration validity of
When the inevitable happens
One of the most common motoring-related questions we lawyers get is from surviving family members who are stuck with a vehicle still registered in the name of the deceased relative: How can the LTO registration of these vehicles can be transferred
More leeway for car owners
Those of you who still haven't gotten around to dealing with their Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration requirements? Yeah, you can breathe easy-at least if the last digit of your license plate ends in '4.'The agency has announced that
It’s all in your license plate number
When you buy a brand-new car in the Philippines, its initial motor vehicle registration-which the dealership usually processes for you-is good for three years. After that, renewing the registration with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) becomes an annual affair,
Along with all the other violations relating to your car’s LTO registration
Registering your vehicle with the Land Transportation Office (LTO)-no matter how old or new your car is-takes work. It takes a good amount of money, too, of course.As taxing as it is, though, the hours and the few thousands
Here are all the important requirements, fees, schedules, and penalties to note
Aside from knowing how to drive properly and acquiring your driver's license, there's one more thing you need to pay attention to if you want to be a responsible motorist on Philippine roads: your vehicle's registration with the Land
Take note
COVID-19 may be trending downward at the moment, but that doesn't mean a go signal's been given for government agencies to start pushing their luck.The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced that it is once again extending the
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