The formula is still top secret
There are a handful of top-secret concoctions that are locked away in vaults, like the composition of Coca-Cola, and the list of the 11 secret herbs and spices that Colonel Sanders used to create KFC fried chicken. The WD-40
Especially those who follow regular bike maintenance
The spotlights followed her as she walked through the aisle wearing tight leather pants and a jacket. With her long silky hair bouncing on her way to the stage, male riders can't help drool over that familiar whistle bait figure. Then
Car consumables shopping made easier
More and more, the world is going digital. Pretty soon, we'll be able to do drive our cars through our smartphones like James Bond did in Tomorrow Never Dies. Until that happens (we're eagerly awaiting the day), we can take
German quality with the click of a mouse
Wurth, in time for the company's 20th anniversary in the Philippines, is finally makings its automotive products available online via a hassle-free e-store.While the German firm has been a pretty common name in car maintenance for quite some
Have you used any of its products?
One aspect of owning a vehicle many motorists take for granted is choosing a reliable engine oil to help keep the vehicle in tip-top shape. But engine maintenance--or the lack of it--could make or break your car's performance,
Says goodbye to Castrol after 15 years
From 2015 onward, Shell will be BMW's recommended global supplier for aftermarket engine oils for its vehicle brands--BMW, BMW i, BMW M, Mini and BMW Motorrad.The collaboration means that Shell will produce and supply BMW's branded engine oils,
Opening its doors this month
North Trend Marketing Corporation (NTMC), the exclusive distributor of Maxxis, Presa and CST tires in the country, will open its first Maxxis Performance Center in Western Visayas this month.Located on Avancenia Street, South Fundidor, in Molo, Iloilo City, this new center
In this fast-paced sport, the work never stops
As with everything else in Formula 1, the research/testing is a never-ending process. The trackside work, while different in nature from factory-based R&D, is just as rigorous.At the Malaysian GP last month, we made a quick stop
Going up against the big boys
North Trend Marketing is an ambitious company. Besides holding the exclusive distribution rights for the Maxxis, Presa and CST brands of tires throughout the Philippines, the company also distributes Mobil lubricants in the Visayas region and handles the sales of Mobil's
Check out its product lineup
S-Oil, a South Korea-based petroleum, petrochemical and lubricant company, has arrived in the Philippines with a variety of products for daily drivers, diesel workhorses and race-spec performance cars. It aims \"to deliver top-quality lubricants at reasonable prices.\"Venturing
Reward program to give away race tickets, downloadable music
It\'s a little-known fact that Malaysian oil company Petronas has been in the Philippines since 1995, initially as a bottler and marketer of LPG. In December 2010, Petronas Energy Philippines introduced its lubricant products to the Visayas and Mindanao before
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