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A break from tradition
The sixteenth-generation Crown is practically a reboot of the venerable and longest-running passenger car nameplate in the Toyota stable. When it was first shown about a year ago, the company said there would be four versions of the car. It
A direct response to the all-new E-Class
If you recall a few weeks ago, Mercedes-Benz announced the launch date of the sixth-generation E-Class just days after BMW previewed the all-new 5 Series. It was an interesting way of making noise for the executive car and
Ultra-lux, Chinese style
Aside from the H6, Hongqi launched another car that would appeal to the traditional wealthy types in China. The Chinese automaker unveiled the new L5, and it's everything that the sleek and swoopy H5 and H6 sedans aren't.The L5
It's got a V12 amount of power too
To entirely misquote Mission Impossible: Fallout, the electric BMW 7 Series appears to be Halloween; a bunch of electric horsepower in a mask playing trick or treat. And if you've yet to see that film, no matter - you can pop
The all-new E-Class declares war on the next-gen 5 Series
A few weeks ago, BMW showed the first photos of the next-generation 5 Series. While it was still under heavy camouflage, the company basically announced that it will be launched this year. But not to be outdone, Mercedes-Benz released a
Bimmer fans, it’s coming this year
The BMW 3 Series may be Bavaria's sales driver, but it's actually the 5 Series that rakes in the dough. The 5 Series is one of the most important models the company makes, and its success is vital to the
The initial lineup starts with two models
When you think about luxury cars, it's easy to default to the Germans. Of course, there's the Japanese, the British, and the Americans too, but the German brands remain top of mind. But one automaker wants to shake up the
But when is the Touring coming?
Before the end of 2022, BMW Philippines announced that it will launch a several new and updated models for the 2023 model year. So far, the brand has kept up with that promise by launching the all-electric iX3 by the start
It was a pretty big year for Lexus
It looks like 2022 was a pretty big year for the Lexus IS. According to the numbers from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI), the luxury compact sedan was the segment's top seller last year."With an aim
Do you think this will really happen?
It appears another long-running nameplate is about to get upsized. Well, at least if this new report by Nikkei Asia turns out to be true.According to the news outlet, the Toyota Century will soon be taking the Land Cruiser's
The same goes for luxury watches
Any one-percenters here looking to add a brand-new Ferrari or Lamborghini to their garage? Yeah, you might want to act fast-because a bill has been filed in Congress that may cause luxury car prices to shoot up considerably.House
*Roughly $18,000 or 124,000 yuan in the local currency
Ever seen absurdly low-priced listings of totally legit items on online sales platforms? We've come across a few ourselves and proceeded with the purchase just to see what would happen...only to get a frantic message from the seller begging
What's new?
The Mercedes-Benz CLA and CLA Shooting Brake four-door coupes now have more power, at least if you're prepared to go hybrid. In fact, it seems Mercedes-Benz has taken on board all the feedback from various reviews and made
Is this the end of an era?
The local luxury car segment might look noticeably different soon. This is after a new joint venture between premium car distributor CATS and global player Inchcape is finalized in the coming months.Inchcape, an independent multi-brand global car distributor, has acquired
And yes, it has a V12
Since Mercedes revived the Maybach brand in 2015, it has shifted well over 60,000 cars around the globe. As of 2021, they were selling somewhere close to 600 cars a month. So, this limited-edition version should fly out of the
40 years young
The Mercedes W201 is now four decades old. And, if you're actually old enough to remember (count us out for that one), it was called the 'Baby Benz' at its launch. However much that title wants for some imagination, it is
What's your favorite and why is it the E38?
What is it?The original Big BMW sedan. Launched in 1977, this car took over from the 'New Six' era of Bimmers, based around a timeless design by Paul Bracq. Evidence of BMW's 'shark nose' era on display here. BMW said
Lookin' gangsta too
AMG is an absolute juggernaut these days. It's the performance arm of a preeminent car manufacturer, the force behind years of F1 dominance and an engine builder par excellence. And it's hard to say it doesn't deserve every bit
Waiting for this?
Given that Maserati very recently introduced its new GranTurismo, the next cab off the rank, by rights, should be the GranCabrio. And as if by spurred on by sheer coincidence, Maserati has released a series of entirely-too-dark shots of the
Should the Alphard watch out?
Geely's upmarket Chinese brand Zeekr has announced its second model after the 001 shooting brake-coupe-SUV thing, and this latest one is even more striking.Internet, meet the 009-an all-electric luxury minivan that's based on the same
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