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Only five were ever built. Meet the rare, coachbuilt Bentley ‘Empress II’
It traveled each and every highway
Some of you younger folks out there might not be familiar with "Ol' Blue Eyes," but perhaps you've heard his infamous karaoke hit. We don't recommend you go out and sing it at your next videoke party, though-people have
Jag’s latest model-year update misses out 2019, but gives us a nice new special edition
Annoyed by people who inform you, "It's nearly Christmas!" before December? Best turn away now. This is the '20MY' Jaguar F-Type-yep, that means 2020 model year-making us scratch our heads about where 2019's disappeared off to. It'
For these machines, a jumble of chromed letters just isn’t enough...
This top nine is brought to you by the lunacy of the McLaren Speedtail's badging, which pushes new limits of logo decadence. The launch car is apparently spec'd with a "combination of 18-karat white gold and carbon-fiber inlays."
There would be a surge in car sales
As traffic becomes more gridlocked with every 'ber' week, and inflation gradually erodes our hard-earned paychecks, the national conversation of late has been about the P1 billion lotto prize.Winning the lotto is a fantasy that never goes away, but the
It's a borderline obsession
Ladies, get a man who will love you as much as DJ Khaled loves his Maybach 62.We're serious. The 42-year-old American DJ and music producer--best known for yelling his name at the beginning of chart toppers
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