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Resistance to the trend is futile
The first renderings of Bentley's SUV, the Bentayga, were so comical many were unsure if the British carmaker was serious about actually producing it. The Bentley aesthetic--circular headlights, honeycomb grille, massive flanks--were well-suited for large, stately sedans and
Specifications, features and prices
Like the cars it sells, Lexus Manila hosts events that are classy and relaxed. The already spiffy showroom is dressed up even more, a musical performance is staged, and delicious catered food is served. But last Thursday night, we noticed right away
You need superlatives to describe it
What if you could have it all: ultimate luxury, all-terrain capability, and the best technology in one amazing automobile? Bentley promises all these in the Bentayga, its recently revealed premium SUV.After months of waiting, we now get to see what
You'd look like a sporty dad
Set to be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the improved Mercedes-Benz V-Class promises quite a few surprises in the areas of style, comfort and performance (yes, performance). Given that the V-Class is already a comfortable vehicle, there
All-new BMW 7-Series unveiled
The 7-Series established BMW as a true luxury carmaker in the 1970s. Through the decades, the big 7 has grown bigger and more luxurious, and has raised the bar in technology. So where does BMW go from here?After several teasers
It's practically a Lexus
It has been said that discretion is the better part of valor. Well, in my dealings with successful (and classy) people, I have come across a common behavioral pattern when it comes to enjoying their wealth: they rarely flaunt it. Oh sure,
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