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Heads up!
Heads up, Makati City motorists: Finding a streetside parking spot is about to get a whole lot more convenient.The Makati City local government has announced that streetside parking slots along Amorsolo and C. Palanca Street will soon go contactless through the
Including Makati City
This weekend, the Philippines was hit by Super Typhoon Karding, leaving several communities devastated in its wake. While the rains and winds have started to die down, the public is still advised to take extra caution when going out, especially since floods
At least for now
Good news for Makati City's commuters: The local government has announced that UV Express units can now use the city's designated loading and unloading areas-at least for the time being.The controversial no loading and unloading policy for UV
What’s your take on this?
Are you a commuter who feels inconvenienced by Makati City's implementation of a no loading/unloading policy for UV Express vehicles in its central business district? Well, tough luck, because it doesn't appear the situation is going to change any
Let’s see if this pushes through
Makati City's public transportation system might be a whole lot greener soon. This, after the government of South Korea granted the local government a hefty sum to establish a new eco-friendly electric bus service.A total of $13 million (over
This includes buses bound for Antipolo, Fairview, Katipunan, and Sta. Rosa
Attention, regular P2P passengers in Makati City: Ayala Malls has just relocated stations for buses bound for Antipolo, Katipunan, Fairivew, and Sta. Rosa.Starting today, July 18, the buses for these four routes will be relocated to One Ayala. Worry not, though,
Cainta residents, this one's for you: The P2P bus route between Cainta and Makati is back in operation. Whether you're a regular public transport user or have shifted to using the bus amid rising fuel prices, this service is a
Motorists passing the area will be rerouted starting 3pm this afternoon
It isn't just the road closures in Manila City that motorists have to worry about today-there'll be impassable roads in Makati City this afternoon as well.According to the local government unit's latest advisory, the Commemoration of Barangay
No need to suffer in traffic if you live in Makati City
Local car brands have gone to great lengths to cater to customers during COVID times. Virtual showrooms are just one of the many ways they've adjusted during the pandemic. Still, we think we can all agree that nothing beats checking out
Here are the designated parking areas around the CBD as well
Got any plans this weekend? If you're driving to or past Makati City, take note: The local government unit will be closing off several roads in the central business district.From May 6, 9pm, to May 8, 6am, motorists will not
Planning to stay in town?
Good news for those of you planning to stay in town over the long Holy Week holiday:Makati City has announced the suspension of the number coding scheme on April 14 and 15.That's Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, for those
Are things finally getting back to normal?
Motorists who've been enjoying number coding exemptions while passing through Makati City the past few months, take note: The number coding scheme is making a return soon.Makati City has announced that it will once again be implementing its full number
Drop by if you’re looking for an open-air hangout during the holidays
Dining out of the house-and in particular, outdoors-has become especially appealing in these times. It combines the fun of soaking up the sights of the outside world (which we don't get to see on the daily during this pandemic)
More parks, please
While we can now head out of our homes, it's still best to avoid spending too much time in crowded indoor spaces and, instead, stretch our legs and walk around in open ones. Salcedo Village in Makati City on November 22
Is there a cleaner one in the country?
It turns out that making pedestrians' lives more convenient around these parts can be done.Those of you who regularly pass Ayala Triangle and Salcedo in Makati City will be pleased to know that moving between the two areas will now be
A win for personal mobility
Last week, the Makati Parking Authority (MAPA) caused quite a stir after news got out that its enforcers were apprehending electric kick scooter users in the Central Business District. It appears, though, that this issue has finally been laid to rest.In
Be warned
For many, personal mobility devices like electric kick scooters have been a godsend since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Not only does the vehicle provide an alternative to a public transportation system unable to perform at full capacity, it gives people that
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