Violators face hefty fines, imprisonment
Some people find comfort in riding motorcycles or tricycles as mere passengers. For them, the backseat offers a good view, riding comfort and unlimited leg room. They think being a back rider is far more relaxing than a rider who struggles to
Courtesy of Forbes Philippines
Almost every Sunday morning, we see exotic automobiles congregate inside Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Needless to say, these cars are owned by wealthy Filipino car enthusiasts who'd rather you didn't know their private details (especially their places of residence).
To make way for progress
Once upon a time, eagles marked the boundaries of Makati on Metro Manila's main thoroughfares. This thing called "progress," however, has necessitated the removal of these eagles.At roughly the same time, the eagles that stood at Makati's borders in
Direct contrast to EDSA
Earlier today, we shared a couple of photos showing how congested EDSA was yesterday, Maundy Thursday. The kilometric traffic jam was caused by the scheduled reblocking works that DPWH is currently doing along the highway. By contrast, Makati City's central business
To be implemented for the \'Million People March @ Ayala\'
Plan well your Makati route today, folks. The \"Million People March @ Ayala\" happens at 2pm today, October 4, but as early as 10am, road closures and rerouting schemes will be implemented.The Makati City Public Safety Department has announced the following road
The city\'s Twitter account has the answer
The Court of Appeals recently ruled that the local government of Makati has jurisdiction over the once-vast Fort Bonifacio military base, which includes the popular and highly urbanized Bonifacio Global City. Which means BGC is no longer the domain of Taguig
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