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The milestone unit is none other than the Mitsubishi Mirage
It's been a good run
In the automotive industry, a car that has been in production for four or five years is already considered well past its shelf life. Some brands sometimes stretch out a vehicle model for several years longer. Long story short, most cars just
Dedication is what computers don't have
The car-manufacturing process has over the years become an increasingly mechanized and automated process. Programmed robots don't eat, sleep or complain, making them the viable choice for large-scale manufacturing in the automotive industry. But while many companies have turned
Milestone unit headed for Japan
The BMW 1-Series recently marked a manufacturing milestone with the production of its two-millionth unit at the German carmaker's Regensburg plant in Germany.The landmark unit is a five-door 120i painted in Estoril Blue Metallic equipped with an
Owners now truly an exclusive club
True to its promise, Lexus is only producing 500 units of its LFA supercar. And production is now officially over, as the 500th unit has rolled off the Toyota City facility, the Japanese automaker announced yesterday. You will recall that the first
An important Blue Oval milestone
August 31, 2012, marks a milestone for Ford after the American carmaker rolled out its 350 millionth vehicle, a Focus, manufactured at its Rayong, Thailand, plant."Producing 350 million vehicles is equivalent to producing one vehicle every 10 seconds throughout our 109-
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