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Car shopping with flair
Test drive events are usually pretty straightforward affairs. You drop by, check out some cars, take a few for a spin, and take advantage of a special financing scheme. But every once in a while, a carmaker goes the extra mile or
Visit the BMW Xpo this weekend
BMW's current line-up is certainly eye-catching, yes? The German carmaker has models like the Z4 Roadster that turn heads wherever they go. Other nameplates, like the 7-Series and 5-Series sedans, afford you an air of executive class.
On July 30-31, to be exact
First, Davao, and then Cebu. And now Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is holding its "Montero Sport Head-to-Head Test Drive Challenge" in Pampanga. From July 30 to 31, people can try out Mitsubishi's best-selling SUV at the Laus Group Center
Get freebies and discounts
Cebu residents, heads up: The "Mitsubishi Montero Sport Head-To-Head Test Drive Challenge" is coming to your area this weekend, giving you the perfect opportunity to try out the popular new SUV.The test-drive event will run from June 25
Visit the event this weekend
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is touring the country to bring its latest midsize SUV closer to shoppers through a test-drive event called "Mitsubishi Montero Sport Head-To-Head Test Drive Challenge." This Independence Day weekend, Davaoeños will experience this activity at
At SM Mall of Asia parking grounds
In November last year, Isuzu Philippines organized an event to showcase the off-road capabilities of both the D-Max pickup and the MU-X sport-utility vehicle. In that event, the Japanese commercial vehicle specialist unveiled a jaw-dropping 20ft mechanical
At Banilad Town Center
Cebuanos are in for a treat this weekend as Volkswagen holds a roadshow at the Banilad Town Center in Cebu City. The event is ongoing and will run until April 17 (Sunday). It is hosted by Volkswagen Cebu.Customers will be able
Running until February 7th
Adapted from the Japanese holiday Kinro Kansha no Hi, or Labor Thanksgiving Day, the Kansha Festival by Motor Image Pilipinas is a week-long annual tradition designed to pamper Subaru customers.Also known as Subaru customer-appreciation week, the Kansha Festival is
Are you up for it?
Several weeks ago, Isuzu Philippines finally brought in the 3.0-liter versions of the D-Max pickup and the MU-X sport-utility vehicle--which validated what we had reported early this year. If you ask us, this is truly the
Get to know Team Pinas
If there's one trait we Filipinos should be known for, it's resiliency. Photos of people smiling in the midst of a typhoon circulating online should tell you enough about our ability to persevere. And the 10 Pinoys representing our country
Will a Filipino contestant win it all?
Ten Filipinos were once again set to compete in this year's Subaru Palm Challenge regional final, held this past weekend in Singapore. Forget that they would have to endure sleepless nights and go on days without bathing. That's nothing new.
Any Bimmer fans here?
German cars really are a sight to behold, both in terms of engineering and design. This is why when one of the Teutonic brands, especially one as established as BMW, announces that it will be showcasing its entire model lineup to the
Let's wish them luck
The Philippine leg of the Subaru Palm Challenge wrapped up last Saturday with the last eight contenders of the Manila round completing the list of Filipino finalists set to compete in Singapore. More than 300 registrants showed up at Bonifacio High Street,
Davao leg winner also announced
For the second year in a row, Donn Michael Yap outlasted his fellow Cebuanos at the Subaru Palm Challenge Cebu Leg held recently at Ayala Center. The 25-year-old held on to his designated car decal for 12 hours, 55 minutes
2014 winner held on for over 80 hours
Have you ever looked forward to owning a Subaru, only to end up having to settle for less because your pockets weren't deep enough? Well, maybe the 2015 Subaru Palm Challenge is your best chance at driving off with a brand-
Happening on September 13
Motor Image Pilipinas wants to prove that there's more to the Subaru brand than just its boxer engines. In an effort to support the lifestyle of its outdoor-loving customers, the Japanese carmaker is holding its first-ever "Subaru Marathon" on
From July 13 to 19
Subaru showrooms across the Philippines will be celebrating the Japanese tradition of Tanabata in appreciation of its customers from July 13 to 19. The showrooms will be decorated in a Japanese festive theme, and as an added bonus, Subaru will also be
Watch this if you missed the event
There's nothing like the smell of burning rubber and the sight of a race car driver (or, for the ladies, Marlon Stockinger) to get your blood pumping on an otherwise uneventful weekend afternoon. Which is pretty much what Globe Telecom's "
Which team are you rooting for?
The business of selling cars in our market right now is so cutthroat that a brand will almost certainly lose out if it doesn't resort to marketing gimmicks. And small cars are no exception even if they're selling well on
It's the Isuzu Truck Fest
Going by its regular showrooms, you'd think that Isuzu's lineup was pretty thin. Nothing but the Crosswind, the D-Max and the MU-X to choose from. But Isuzu's business is more than just pickups, multipurpose vehicles and sport-
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