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Cute EV to undergo testing in Tokyo
Remember the Toyota i-Road? This EV is Toyota's three-wheel single-seater that's being used in cities like Tokyo for car-sharing. It's an environment-friendly way of getting in and around cramped urban spaces.Thanks to an
Let's keep our fingers crossed
Jeepneys. Love them or hate them, it looks like they're here to stay--at least for the foreseeable future. Problem is, a good lot of them are old, smoke-belching and hazardous rust buckets with undisciplined drivers who couldn't care
You can still catch the demo until July 28
We told you nearly two weeks ago that the Department of Science and Technology was going to hold a public demo of its new Hybrid Road Train at the SM Mall of Asia grounds. That is happening right now until July 28,
How convenient is it?
If you're one of the daily throng of commuters who take a ride on the LRT or the MRT, you'll be glad to know that convenience is on your way. Today, the Light Rail Transit Authority conducted a limited test
Good news for public transport
A large part of the worsening traffic situation in Metro Manila is the bad state of our public transport system. Without efficient and dependable mass transportation, people are left to acquire personal vehicles--whether cars or motorcycles--just to get around. Elevated
There is hope for sure
We\'ve seen cars evolve through the years. These vehicles continue to reap the benefits of research--getting more powerful, having more in-car entertainment and safety features, and becoming more fuel-efficient.This evolution cannot be found in our local mass
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