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Does this deserve a place in our market?
We've seen the arrival of 300c maxi-scooters over the past few years such as those Kymcos and BMWs. "Hindi pa ginawang expressway-legal" is the usual response from most people, but the fact that Filipinos are still buying these bikes
One of the best bang-for-your-buck scooters in our market today
Small-displacement scooters here in the Philippines are a dime a dozen. From the lesser-known motorcycle brands to the biggest industry players, there's a slew of two-wheelers with small engines to choose from.But when you narrow it down
This stylish two-wheeler is reportedly set to debut in India
Think our market already has enough small-displacement maxi-scooters? We beg to differ. If we could have our way, we'd like to keep 'em coming.One scooter we've recently taken note of is the Keeway GT270. The marque is
Two new colors have just been introduced in Japan
Despite not being able to traverse tollways due to its sub-400cc displacement, the Yamaha XMax has gained a good amount of popularity among Filipino riders as a comfortable and capable maxi-scooter. In its home country of Japan, the model has
Just launched in Malaysia. Would you like to see it here as well?
Sanyang Motor has made the new SYM Jet X 150 available in the Malaysian market, more than a month after introducing the 2021 SYM Maxsym 400. Could this maxi-scooter give the Yamaha NMax 155 a run for its money? Let's
Please make it real
As spoiled for choice as we are with the variety of bikes available in the country, there's still a whole bunch of interesting scooters that Filipino riders can't easily get a hold of. Manufacturers don't bring their entire product
This maxi scooter has just been launched in Taiwan
Taiwanese riders now have the chance to get their hands on Sanyang's top entry in the maxi-scooter category-the 2021 SYM Maxsym 400.The updated Maxsym 400 runs on a Euro 5-compliant 399cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that
Maxi-scooters are really gaining traction these days. Honda's flagship maxi-scoot, the Forza 750, has recently been given an award for product design. The Forza 750 isn't the first Honda two-wheeler to get the award, as the Japanese
Want to see this here in PH?
BMW Motorrad entered the premium midsize scooter game in 2017 with the introduction of the C400 X, which was aimed squarely at the urban mobility segment. The German brand followed up in 2018 with the C400 GT, a Gran Turismo variant focused
Honda Philippines has announced that the 2021 X-ADV, which comes with a boatload of new on- and off-road features, is now available on the local market.Topping the list of additions is the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system. By connecting
It comes in two variants
For those of you who rejoiced when we first featured the 2020 Yamaha TMax back in November, here's another reason for you to jump for joy.Six months after it was first shown to the public at the EICMA show in
The maxi-scooter gets some styling tweaks, too
Yamaha has just given the Tmax an upgrade for 2020, equipping its maxi-scooter offering with a more powerful engine as well as a few slight styling tweaks.Let's cut to the chase: The Yamaha Tmax now packs a 562cc engine
It’s tollway-legal, but how well does it handle daily city use?
When it comes to motorcycling convenience, nothing tops scooters. They're almost always automatic, meaning no need to shift gears and no fear of stalling; they're fuel-efficient, meaning fewer stops for gas; and they often feature under-seat storage, meaning
Maxi scoot, maxi fun
Rider camps tend to split the riding public into two types of riders: Those who ride motorcycles and those who prefer scooters.This delineation exists because motorcycles generally require more involvement than scooters, what with a clutch and gears to have to
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