Would you like to see this make its way to our market?
We're starting to see more and more electrified vehicles in our market., from self-charging and plug-in hybrids to fully electric models. Most of these, though, are sedans and crossovers-mass-market electric pickups aren't gaining a lot of
*If you pay in cash, that is
Is seven seats inside an MPV not enough? Then an eight-seater like the Maxus G50 might be more to your liking. If you're considering this model, as well as a handful of others from the Chinese brand, you'll be
Eyeing a new car this Christmas?
We're already well into the holidays, which means some of you might now be getting ready to pull the trigger on a brand-new car. If it's a truck, a people-hauler, or an MPV you're eyeing this Christmas,
Could this new model compete in the stacked local pickup segment?
What does it take to be a strong contender in the local pickup segment? Judging by what the top-performing trucks have to offer, the criteria includes decent styling and a bunch of extra features to go along with a very potent
Every farm needs a workhorse
Anyone who owns or manages a farm out in the province will tell you that the value a reliable pickup brings to the table is undeniable. Not only does this type of vehicle allow you to tackle less-than-stellar terrain, but
And another one
Potential car buyers in Makati City-especially those that have a budget alternative in mind-now have another car brand to check out nearby, after Maxus Philippines opened the doors to a new dealership in Magallanes.Located along Osmeña Highway, Maxus
Through the brand’s Summer Max Deals promo
Maxus haulers like the G10 and the V80 are already noticeably more affordable than their Japanese counterparts. If, however, you're looking to save a little more on a unit at the dealership, this summer might be the perfect time to check
What does this bang-for-the-buck truck have to offer?
Even with the influx of budget crossovers in recent years, the midsize pickup segment is still one of the most heavily stacked ones out there, and we don't see that changing anytime soon. We don't think the top nameplates here
We could always do with a little more space
The #vanlife isn't for everybody. You probably aren't going to want to live inside a moving vehicle if you easily get car sick or if you're the stingiest in the group when it comes to shelling out for gas
It has us excited—and hopeful—for what the brand has in store for us next
It feels like Maxus has entered our market in an unorthodox fashion. Unlike other Chinese carmakers such as MG and Geely, Maxus arrived with a big lineup-literally.Instead of the usual crossover- or SUV-stuffed roster we see from other marques
Another enticing seven-seater crossover enters the market
Good news for those of you who've been keeping an eye out for the new Maxus D60: The seven-seater has officially entered the market.As expected, the local D60 debuts packed with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbopetrol that
Through the new Maxus Home Test Drive
One of the drastic adjustments carmakers have had to make throughout this COVID-19 pandemic is how they conduct test drives.These days, dealership visits and even actual car-buying transactions are far different from test drives. When it comes to these
How does the new MPV stack up against the biggest veteran in the segment?
There's a new MPV in the market, and it boasts a mix features rolled into one affordable package. What we're referring to is the Maxus G50, the eight-seater that AC Motors launched in our market earlier this week.Given
Three variants are available, and prices top out at P1,288,000
Meet the Maxus G50, the newest addition to the Maxus Philippines lineup. Official local distributor AC Motors launched this new eight-seat MPV earlier today, and we're now here to take a closer look.The exterior is highlighted by a sleek
It’ll take on the likes of the Toyota Innova, Honda Mobilio, and Suzuki Ertiga
Activity in the local automotive industry has started to pick up as of late, and it looks like the coming months are set to become even busier. Maxus Philippines, for instance, is set to unveil another new nameplate within the year.The
Another carmaker opens its doors
At the rate car manufacturers are opening dealerships after the shift to modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ), it might only be a matter of time until the local auto industry sees at least some semblance of normalcy.The latest car company to
What does the new pickup have to offer?
Remember the pickup wars from about half a decade ago? Those sure were fun times. Back then, the market was suddenly flooded with all-new iterations of well-known models, each with its own loyal customer base. Now, we may be in
Can this compete with its Japanese and American counterparts?
Well, this is a breath of fresh air-a new pickup to consider that isn't from a Japanese or American car manufacturer. This is the newly launched Maxus T60-the brand's third model in the Philippines-and it has its
Official invites to the launch event have been sent out
Last December, several units of the Maxus T60 arrived at a port in Batangas. With that arrival came Maxus Philippines' confirmation that the pickup will indeed be launched in the first quarter of 2020. Now, we finally know exactly when the launch
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