Bigger and better, but more expensive
About five years ago, Mazda's ownership changed hands from Ford Philippines to current distributor Bermaz Auto Philippines (BAP). The CX-5, first of its name, was the transition model from Ford to BAP. More than its symbolic significance, Mazda's compact
Could this be the crossover for you?
Rurouni. It's a term coined by Japanese manga artist Nobuhiro Watsuki as a substitute for ronin, or wandering swordsman. Most probably, you've come across the word attached to Nobuhiro's iconic protagonist, the fictional, crimson-haired ex-samurai Kenshin Himura-
Yes, there's diesel CX-5 again
Mazda Philippines definitely brought out the big guns at this year's Manila International Auto Show. The Japanese carmaker launched three all-new vehicles for the local market: the CX-5 crossover, the CX-9 premium midsize SUV, and the MX-5
This one's going to be close
The Kia Sportage has always been one of those 'almost there' cars: always slightly behind the curve compared to the Japanese, but offering just enough style and charisma to appeal to customers wanting something a bit more. But with the latest generation,
A car that keeps you safe
All of Mazda's latest driver aids that first appeared in the 6 sedan, like adaptive LED headlights and lane-keeping assist, are now available in the top-of-the-line AWD CX-5 variant. Apart from mild interior and exterior updates,
A strong contender in the compact crossover segment
Compact utility crossovers are without a doubt among the most popular vehicles. They have been for quite some time--ever since Toyota and Honda have been going at it with the RAV4 and the CR-V. And CUVs have only become better.
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