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An upscale Miata
When the Mazda MX-5 RF was revealed, I was one of those who was less than enamored with the idea of a Miata with a folding mechanical roof. I thought the MX-5's canvas roof was a beautiful origami of
The answer is yes
Similar to the RX-7, the 240SX, and the AE86, the Miata is a popular choice among drifting enthusiasts thanks to its rear-wheel-drive setup, incredibly light weight, and capability to handle engine swaps. Enthusiasts drool over its seemingly endless possibilities,
This is not a proper review
Manual. Soft top. Ceramic white. Fabric seats. That's the exact Miata I will buy. Someday. The RF variants are fine, but I knew the moment I laid my eyes on this off-white color during the 2016 media launch that it'
This should be fun
Conventional off-roaders usually refer to big and chunky 4x4s like the Jeep Wrangler and the Land Rover Defender-nameplates that have built reputations as go-anywhere vehicles. This is why it's quite odd to hear the words "Miata" and "off-
There would be a surge in car sales
As traffic becomes more gridlocked with every 'ber' week, and inflation gradually erodes our hard-earned paychecks, the national conversation of late has been about the P1 billion lotto prize.Winning the lotto is a fantasy that never goes away, but the
There’s a fine line between ‘Fan’ and ‘Fanatic’
Labels. People are obsessed with them. Obsessed with labeling others. Obsessed with labeling themselves. Obsessed with labeling their obsessions. Geek, gamer, furry, foodie. Each with its own silly obsessions and secret languages. Fear not, though. "Klaatu Barada Nixto". I come in peace,
Ask me how
Once upon a time, a reader wrote: "Hi TGP, I'm a married guy, mid-30s, father of two (ages 1 and 3), and I was part of a teen-oriented TV show in the '90s. Our family currently uses a Ford
But why would anyone let this go?
The MX-5 Miata started with a simple idea: to make a fun, affordable sports car in the vein of the classic '60s British roadster, but with modern technology. The first-generation NA model was an instant hit in 1989, providing intimate
Nearly 30hp more
Mazda has announced a few tweaks to its MX-5, and the headline news is this: The range-topping engine gets more power.Though, this is no Overnight Parts From Japan special a-la Fast and Furious, but a wee tweak to
A humble roadster that can make you love all cars
What more can be said about the Mazda MX-5? We've written so many pieces about it already. There's the 2014 Mod Rides article about my very own first-gen Miata; the cover story that we shot in Barcelona for
We see if the hardtop Miata is better
You can always expect a spin-off from something highly successful-TV shows, movies, companies, and even cars. In the case of the Mazda Miata (marketed as the MX-5 beginning with the third-generation NC), it's the most successful two-
The Miata went on a diet
The RF is just the tip of the iceberg--Mazda isn't done playing around with the MX-5 just yet. The Japanese car manufacturer has teaser photos of its two new Miata concepts bound for this year's Specialty Equipment Marketing
All 1,000 units sold
Well that didn't take very long now, did it? The inaugural batch of US-bound Mazda MX-5 RFs has sold out in less than one week. That's 1,000 hard-topped Miatas gone "poof!", just like that.To give
It’ll make the Miata fly
In case you haven't figured it out yet, we're huge fans of the Mazda MX-5. The sheer balance, handling, and manner in which the chassis makes the most of the 2.0-liter gasoline mill is simply divine.Sure,
Too bad it's in the UK
In April, Mazda marked the production of the one-millionth unit of its iconic MX-5 roadster. Also known as the Miata, the little roadster has won the hearts and wallets of one million satisfied customers around the world. Since its introduction
Or what it's like to be free
When the first-generation Mazda MX-5 roadster hit the showrooms in the late '90s, I was immediately drawn to it. I remember sitting in the driver seat of a display unit and saying: "Now this is a driver's car."It
Retractable hardtop for the win!
The Mazda MX-5 is a great car, no doubt about it. It has swept almost all the major automotive awards in the world, including Top Gear Philippines' Car of the Year trophy last year. It is so great, in fact, that
May this infographic help you pick one
The Mazda MX-5 and the Toyota 86 are two of the most popular sports cars currently available on the local market. This is partly due to their budget-friendly nature, and, well, they're just really damn fun to drive. Both
Clue: A lot for a sports roadster
By now, you already know that we crowned the Mazda MX-5 as our 2015 Car of the Year. Even so, the roadster is still not a common sight on our potholed streets, so you might be wondering: Does this car even
Watch 5 entertaining videos
YouTube is a hotbed of anything car-related. The video-sharing site contains automotive content ranging from the comedic and the informative, to the grotesque and the frightening. In a lot of ways, being able to upload and share videos online has
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