Mazda’s best-seller might get a revamp soon
The CX-5 has been a consistent best-seller for Mazda since it was introduced in 2012. In fact, the compact crossover has been the brand's top-selling model since 2014. In 11 years, Mazda has sold over 3.5 million
What could it be?
There's a lot of things you can uncover when you just look around various trademark offices around the world. That's how we saw potential new models such as the Toyota Raize Space and Hyundai Stargazer X. We saw yet
Yup, they’re still at it
We've all heard the story before: Mazda wants to revive the rotary engine. Ever since the RX-8 was dropped over a decade ago, the company vowed to revive the concept of a rotary-powered sports car. Eleven years have passed
Only 50 will be sold at special prices
Over the years, there has been no shortage of special editions of the Mazda BT-50. There have been two Pangolin editions over the years, spanning two generations of the pickup. Now, there's another special edition model that's available for
The one-make sports car series is back for a second season
Mazda Philippines and the Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC) had a great outing last year when it hosted the inaugural MSCC Miata Spec Series, with a total of 20 drivers participating in multiple races across 2022. This year, the competition will be
Just make sure you have a daily
Once almost exclusively unloved/turned into pretend M-Sport cars, now coming into vogue if you can find one that hasn't done moon mileage or needs a full body respray/new sills/dampers/brakes, etc. That makes this generation of 3
Long live the roadster
The Mazda MX-5 has been around for over 30 years. Launched in 1989, this little roadster reignited the world's interest for small, lightweight roadsters for a reasonable price. Now in its fourth generation, it's bigger, better appointed, but still
We’ve got a big one here, folks
Listen up Americans-your latest giant, three-row family SUV is here, and doesn't it look good?This is the all-new Mazda CX-9, built on the company's all-new and inventively named 'large platform' and featuring seating for
The model has received a refresh in Japan
The Mazda 2 has long been one of the best-looking offerings in the subcompact segment. This, however, hasn't stopped the Japanese carmaker from drastically changing the vehicle's look with its latest refresh.For 2023, the Mazda 2 will have
No pistons, no problem
In simple (verging on simplistic) terms, it's an engine with one or more rotors that rotate - go figure - instead of pistons that reciprocate. The basic principles of internal combustion - suck, squeeze, bang, blow - still apply, but the method by which this
So do we, Mazda
The boss of Mazda's European Research and Development Centre has hinted that the newly returned rotary engine could still be used for a future sports car, and the news has got us very excited indeed."The rotary engine is our symbol,
It's no RX-7, that's for sure
Mazda is officially bringing the rotary engine back with this new MX-30 e-Skyactiv R-EV. Not exactly the catchiest name, we think you'll agree. Oh, and you can stop dreaming of RX-7s and the glorious 787B right away,
Some choices will surprise you
Yes, it's the cheap-fun-car hero, as packed to the gunwales with fresh excitement as tired anecdotes. It was a car journalist's idea. Miata is always the answer. It's basically the British recipe for a fun roadster; just
A proper upgrade?
The Philippines is no stranger to toughened-up pickup variants hoping to cash in on buyers' obsession with rugged looks. Toyota Motor Philippines has the Hilux Conquest, and Nissan Philippines has the Navara Pro-4X-Japanese trucks that both boast a host
Rebadged as the Bongo and Bongo Brawny vans, respectively
The things you find when you go and browse offerings in other markets can be fascinating. We were over at the Mazda website in Japan, and we came across a few very familiar-looking vehicles in its lineup: the Hiace and the
So that straight-six Mazda previously showed us was actually a hybrid
When Mazda gave us our first sneak peek at the new CX-90, we got an idea of what type of powertrain we'd be getting-a six-cylinder. What we didn't know then, however, was that this six-cylinder would
Not the first time the model has done this
Sports cars aren't purely just about performance. Reliability is a big consideration, too-more so if you actually plan on pushing your unit to its limit on a track. After all, no car is a fun car if it's constantly
Mazda previewed this coupe as it confirmed its plans for electrification
Everybody's going electric whether we like it or not. Automotive manufacturers themselves have no choice but to keep up with the times, as governments the world over are preparing to pull the plug on internal combustion engines real soon.Mazda is
Rotary revival...sort of
Mazda is practically synonymous with the rotary engine. Also known as thr Wankel engine, the folks from Hiroshima first used it in the '60s with the Cosmo sports car. Other car manufacturers dabbled with the quirky engine, namely Citroen, Chevrolet, NSU,
It looks like the crossover will have a sixer under the hood
Mazda promised us five new CX models starting 2022, and it's delivered so far. The Japanese carmaker has already given us a look at the CX-50 and the CX-60, so there are now three models remaining.Well, that'll
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