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Helmet and HANS device not included
Catchy name, huh? In fairness, most great Formula 1 cars pinched names from dishwashers (MP4/4, FW16, W09 EQ Power+, I could go on).Like most 'F1 cars for the road,' the OX99 came about as a sort of road-going billboard
It's the first unit to be authenticated under the 'F1 Certified' program
From 1995 to 1997, McLaren built only 28 units of the F1 GTR, the racing variant of its road-going McLaren F1. Chassis number 01R was the car that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995. Though none of the
A rarely used LM-spec unit
There are McLaren F1s. And then there are McLaren F1s. This is the latter-the penultimate 'standard' F1, since upgraded by the factory to 'LM Specification'. And you can buy it. Not at auction, but from RM's new Private Sales department
Look inside one of the most exclusive service centers in the world
McLaren has announced a new service center in America. Yeah, edge-of-your-seat stuff here. Only this service center is a bit different. It's one of only two authorized service centers outside of Woking (in the UK) and it will
And why he'll never buy a McLaren F1
What exactly does a Formula 1 world champion drive when he's away from the track? Something as slow and soothing as possible, presumably, to help balm those frayed nerves?Nah, not a bit of it, not when you're Jenson Button.
It even comes with the TAG Heuer watch
Please form two orderly queues. Over here, we'll have everyone who reckons that storing a brand-new, box-fresh McLaren F1 still in its protective factory wrapping to preserve its as-new condition is a priceless piece of time-warp supercar
Driving the McLaren BP23 hypercar prototype
Look closely at this McLaren 720S. Notice something unusual? That's right, it has a central driving position. You know what this means-it's a prototype of the BP23 hyper GT.Don't get too excited and assume I've driven
After eight years of using Ferrari engines
After a change in team ownership in mid-2016, Sauber has confirmed that it will also switch to using Honda power units beginning in 2018. Currently, the Swiss outfit uses 2016-spec power units from Ferrari, which has supplied it with engines
Button will take his place
McLaren has today announced its lead driver, Fernando Alonso, will miss the Monaco Grand Prix. He's swerving the most glamorous race on the Formula 1 calendar in order to compete at the Indy 500 in the US. Jenson Button will return
It's not a garage queen either
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.With only 106 units ever built, it's hard to say that the mighty McLaren F1 is anything but rare. But when you start
A glorious union
In some good news for the forensically minded and desperately power-hungry, McLaren has joined forces with BMW. It's to create potential powertrains for the next generation of McLaren cars-likely to fit in its all-new chassis.The last time
No, your gearbox doesn't explode
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.What happens if you throw your car into reverse while driving? We've got to hand it to this guy. Trying this out on
Gives new meaning to the term 'big time'
If you've got budgets like us, then your watch collection probably consists of reliable yet affordable brands like Seiko and Casio. If you're higher up the food chain, then you've probably got a premium name like Rolex or Breitling
A three-seat hybrid hypercar
Remember the McLaren F1? Of course you do. And so, helpfully, does McLaren. It has teased its next model-"the world's first Hyper-GT"-and this first, bird's-eye image (just about) reveals it borrows the F1's famous three-
Less than 5,000km on the odometer
Fancy a McLaren F1? Then step this way, because you'll struggle to find a smarter example anywhere. There are a number of reasons for this. One, it has been meticulously maintained by the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) heritage arm. So it'
Enjoy the elements in high fashion
After the McLaren 675LT blew everyone away last year, its roofless version has been introduced. Gentlemen, meet the 675LT Spider.Just like the coupe, the Spider promises thrills behind the wheel in the form of a 0-100kph time of 2.9
Despite crashing it twice
If you're a couch potato, chances are you're familiar with Mr. Bean. You know, that dude who makes the world laugh by acting like a big kid and isn't one bit shy about it. That character, of course, is
Track cars are in vogue this year
After teasing us with a name and a torque figure, McLaren has at last shown its 675LT in all its glory. As we wrote previously, the LT stands for "Longtail," a nod to the legendary McLaren F1 racing variants of the '90s.
To celebrate 20th anniversary of Le Mans win
In the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans race, five McLaren F1 GTRs crossed the finish line in first, third, fourth, fifth and 13th place. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of that historic (and utterly dominant) victory, McLaren Automotive's customization arm
Absolutely driver-centric
In August, McLaren Automotive revealed its P1 GTR, the spiritual successor to the McLaren F1. Unfortunately, while the bespoke British supercar maker showed us the car's exterior from different angles, it failed to give us a glimpse of the inside.Two
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