Because we're geeks like that
Lamborghini was so proud of its Aventador rolling chassis, it chose to reveal images of the car's carbon tub, pushrod suspension, and 694hp V12 all bolted together without bodywork on top first. Which is a bit like sending a naked selfie
Ride a McLaren, an RWB Porsche or a Jag
This was the team of very knowledgeable car enthusiasts that won our first-ever quiz night held in Bonifacio High Street during the recent "Wheels & Grills" Father's Day weekend event. Now, how is this related to this story?Well, the guy
More like a billionaire playboy's garage
We previously reported about the Dubai Police's impressive lineup of "patrol cars," which include the likes of the McLaren MP4-12C and the Brabus G63 AMG. If these cars aren't impressive enough for you, then perhaps seeing the police force'
5,000 units have been produced
McLaren Automotive recently marked a milestone with its Super Series line--which is made up of the 12C, the 12C Spider, the 650S, the 625C and, more recently, the 675LT--by building the 5,000th unit of its groundbreaking carbon-fiber MonoCell
And a track version of the P1
While McLaren Automotive has made a name for itself with such supercars as the MP4-12C, the P1 and the more recent 650S, the British carmaker is still a long way from becoming an established manufacturer in the league of Ferrari and
It's now a collectible, apparently
If you own a McLaren MP4-12C, then we've got good news for you: Your car is now a collectible. According to, McLaren Automotive has confirmed that it has ceased to manufacture the 12C and the 12C Spider, "and,
Find out what the sweet thing is
Remember the guy who used his Hyundai Genesis Coupe as a mobile stall to sell bibingka (rice cake)? His name is Charl Henrich Angderson, and his mouthwatering business is called Henrich Bibingka. When we posted a picture of his car on our
As Geneva Motor Show opens doors today
McLaren Automotive has officially revealed the performance figures of the 650S as the car makes its public debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show this week.As we've mentioned before, the 650S is powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine that
To be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show
After the MP4-12C and the P1, McLaren now has a third supercar which the company will reveal at the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show in March.Known as the 650S, the car is "the result of 50 years of competing and
Joins Lamborghini Aventador and Aston Martin One-77
You've probably heard and seen the Dubai Police\'s fleet of patrol supercars, including the likes of the Aston Martin One-77, the Ferrari FF and the Lamborghini Aventador, just to name a few. Well, Dubai\'s police force has just
Called the 12C GT Sprint
McLaren Automotive\'s race-car producing arm has come up with a high-performance, track-only variant of the MP4-12C known as the 12C GT Sprint.Designed and developed by McLaren GT, the 12C GT Sprint bridges the gap between the
In celebration of 50th anniversary
As British carmaker McLaren Automotive celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, it will put on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed what the brand calls its \"ultimate model lineup.\"Besides its high-performance road cars--like the global debut of a
50 units each to be produced
With McLaren celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the British carmaker has decided to produce a commemorative model to celebrate \"five decades of race-winning technology and expertise.\"According to McLaren Automotive, the production will be strictly limited to a maximum of
Still very expensive, we imagine
If you've always wanted a McLaren MP4-12C or even a 12C Spider but find the cost of owning one too prohibitive, then this bit of news is for you. McLaren Automotive has just launched its pre-owned program known as
Watch the video
To mark the start of deliveries of the McLaren 12C Spider in North America, McLaren Automotive has released a short film showing current Pikes Peak record holder and one-time Manila visitor Rhys Millen navigating the snow-covered route on Loveland Pass
Reportedly worth P45 million
Bureau of Customs commissioner Ruffy Biazon has just revealed through his Facebook page that his agency recently intercepted a 2012 McLaren MP4-12C being imported into the country using fraudulent documents.Though nothing specific was mentioned as to why the documents were
In very limited numbers
The McLaren 12C Can-Am Edition, which was unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in August, won't remain a one-off concept any longer. McLaren GT, the race-car manufacturing arm of McLaren Automotive, has confirmed that it will
With matching dinner with Ron Dennis
Last year, it was 10 limited-edition Ferrari FFs. This year, luxury US department store Neiman Marcus is offering 12 limited-edition McLaren 12C Spiders in its annual Christmas catalog.With a price tag of $354,000 (roughly P14.71 million), the
Presenting the X-1
McLaren Special Operations (MSO), a division of McLaren Automotive that's responsible for bespoke projects, has created a one-off supercar for an anonymous customer."One of our clients who already owned a McLaren F1, a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and now
The ultimate 12C iteration?
McLaren GT, the McLaren Group's race-car manufacturing arm, has come up with a track-focused concept it calls the 12C Can-Am Edition.Set to debut at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance this month, the 12C Can-Am
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