A limited edition, of course
Yes, it's a special-edition McLaren. Another one. But stand by-you might like this one. This is the McLaren 720S Le Mans.Seems odd, right? The world's most famous 24-hour race was canceled this year, amid the coronavirus
Internet, don't fail us now
To some, Kentucky brings to mind visions of a particular fast-food chain serving fried chicken. But for most car enthusiasts, the state of Kentucky is synonymous with one car: Corvette. Home to the brand's plant and national museum (yes, the
It’s one of the coolest races we’ve seen in a while
The McLaren Speedtail is one beautifully built hypercar, and even without the badge and the name, its physique alone screams that it's a car built for great speeds. The aerodynamic structure on the outside and the solo bucket seat for the
Recognize any of these?
What made the Lotus Elise so light? Aluminum. Specifically, the process of aluminum extrusions, which basically involves squeezing a big block of the metal out of a smaller hole, then chopping up the squeezed result and bonding it together with adhesive.Result?
“Winning the weight race is an absolute priority for us”
McLaren is committed to cutting the carbs from the diet of its supernaturally fast supercars. Bossman Mike Flewitt reaffirmed his company's commitment to winning the 'weight race,' ensuring his cars are, in modern parlance, shredded."Reducing vehicle weight is at the
It’s road-legal, too
Goodness. This is the Lanzante P1 GTR-18, and isn't it just the most stunning thing you've seen all year?Before we get lost in that livery, though, some background-Lanzante was the race team responsible for McLaren's shock
Only 75 were made
McLaren Mercedes, remember. This was a very special edition of the car McLaren and Mercedes built together-the SLR-only this time, it went back in time to pay homage to one of mankind's finest ever victories: that of Sir Stirling
Some companies are never satisfied
The McLaren Senna isn't really about straight-line performance. But of course, it has plenty of it, anyway-789hp and 799Nm from the same 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 as the 720S means 0-100kph in 2.8sec, 0-200ph
He recently joined F3’s Charouz Racing System and the Red Bull Junior Team
To qualify and compete in high-level formula racing, there are different paths you can take. But Formula 3 racer Igor Fraga went through an unorthodox route: He was able to use sim racing and e-sports as stepping stones to actual
Just looking at them relieves stress
We're not sure how you're occupying yourself right now. But McLaren, as is all the rage nowadays, has been relieving its stresses via some grown-up coloring in. Specifically of its Elva speedster.So, it's been painted in two
Yay or nay?
This is Liberty Walk's latest: A McLaren 650S Spider that, quite frankly, looks it's like been taken advantage of by a lunatic with a limitless supply of sandpaper, a can of spray paint, and a ton of time on his
Sit back and relax
The blurb: "Road is the heartbreaking and adrenaline-fueled tale of a family who has dominated road racing for over 30 years."What we say: One of the very best motorsport documentaries out there, with Liam Neeson on narration duties to attest
“He had a God-given talent I haven’t witnessed anywhere else”
162 GP entries, 41 wins, 65 pole positions, 80 podiums, and three world championships. Staggering statistics for any Formula 1 driver, but these extraordinary numbers aren't even half the Ayrton Senna story.The Brazilian legend tragically passed away following an accident
This could be the best-spec’d Elva we’ve seen so far
The McLaren Elva is an 804hp, roofless, windshield-less supercar. It already belongs in the top 1% of stunning and striking road cars. So, just how on earth do you improve it?Well, McLaren's Special Ops team seem to have found
After a team member tested positive for coronavirus
McLaren Racing has confirmed that it has withdrawn from the 2020 Australian Grand Prix after a team member tested positive for the coronavirus.McLaren says the individual was "tested and self-isolated as soon as they started to show symptoms," but CEO
‘The Last Stylebender’ is also a supercar owner
Israel Adesanya is one of the most exciting champions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) right now. The Nigerian-born middleweight's sharp tongue is bested only by his sublime striking skills inside the Octagon, the likes of which we haven't
Imagine how different the ’70s supercar scene would’ve been had the M6GT made it to production
There's a famous old photo of Bruce McLaren, parked outside a corner shop in East Horsley, doors up, slouched in the chaise-longue driver's seat of a barely disguised Can-Am racer-get Googling for it, you won't be
It’s basically a stronger, faster, and lighter 720S
Driven a McLaren 720S lately? We have-it's almost too quick. Not on the track, of course, because there you can actually use all the performance, but on public roads, it's just ballistic. But when has too fast ever been
This is fast becoming our favorite McLaren
Someone cleverer than I am will be able to explain why placing the steering wheel and the driver's seat in the center of a car's cabin makes it feel so special. Why it tugs at the emotional connection between man
Three different takes on a grand tourer meet for a blast to the mountains
The moment a sailing boat rises onto its plane, everything changes. It's not just about the extra speed, intense though that is. Breaking through its own bow wave, the craft tenses its muscles. It's more urgent to the tiller and
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