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One of the best sleepers ever made
Looks like an ordinary W124 Mercedes E-Class, but isn't. The 500E was a very special thing indeed-a limited-production, V8-powered super-sedan developed and built in collaboration with none other than Porsche.It had the 5.0-liter
“This is the most compelling E-Class wagon out there”
This is a Mercedes E-Class wagon with extra ride height, some body cladding, 4WD, and a new name: All-Terrain. It comes with a choice of two diesel engines and expands the E-Class portfolio beyond the regular sedan and wagon.
Diesel’s not dead! The E300de pairs a 2.0-liter oil-burner with much electricity
Mercedes-Benz clearly doesn't think diesel is totally done for. Not yet, anyway. Just look at this new E-Class. It's called the E300de, and though it doesn't look like much, it's actually the rarest of the rare-
Beast personified
OverviewWhat is it?It's a Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain given the almost-familiar '4x4²' treatment. Which, in case you didn't notice the G-Wagen 4x4², means portal axles and more stance than is comfortable when parking.The brainchild
The first E-Class with AWD as an option
Mercedes is unveiling a couple of new convertibles at the Geneva Motor Show. One of them is a G-Wagen with Maybach badges, but the other is reassuringly simple in concept. Meet the new E-Class Cabriolet, and it's ready for
Complete with jet-inspired lights
This is the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe. It's the fourth version of the latest E-Class-following the sedan, wagon and All Terrain-and is based on the sedan's platform, though it sits 15mm lower.Mercedes boasts it's
A jacked-up wagon sounds good to us
German brands have been aggressive in entering every possible hot segment over the last couple of years, sometimes even creating their own. Interesting enough, there is still a sub-segment out there that isn't too crowded: premium station wagon-based crossovers.
No more circling around the parking lot
We all know how much of a chore it is to look for a parking space. This is why most people would rather take an Uber instead of having to waste precious time and fuel on an endless quest to park their
Well, now you have...
The world of performance car tuning never fails to surprise and delight. And while Mercedes-Benz prepares to usher in an exclusively all-wheel-drive E63 AMG, a particularly zany tuner has provided evidence that this is not bad news at all.
Check out the 3 variants available
This Chedeng hits the sweet spot in a Venn diagram. It's a popular choice among buyers who prefer to be chauffeur-driven but also want to get behind the wheel every now and then.The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is now
And it comes with amazing tech
In the premium automobile market, one of the most competitive segments is the compact category. Here, BMW, Audi and Lexus models try to outdo each other for the attention of clients. But when it comes to the larger midsize and full-size
Our kind of family car
Every new generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class carries with it a host of different body styles. There's the sedan, the coupe and, of course, the wagon--the latter being particularly popular all across the globe. In fact, you might
And luxury brands are eager to provide
China is a potential goldmine for carmakers--so long as they're prepared to make cars that conform to the country's individual tastes. Which is why we've noticed a bizarre trend for long-wheelbase versions of not-very-long cars
See what extra legroom looks like
Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled a new long-wheelbase version of its popular E-Class midsize sedan. The new car is built in China, specifically for the Chinese market. Measuring 5,063mm long, with a wheelbase that spans 3,079mm, the stretch
When Clark Kent becomes Superman
Wasn't it just a couple of months ago when the all-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class bowed and wowed the motoring world? Packed to the hilt with cutting-edge technology, the stately sedan shows the way of the future for Mercedes-
The iconic W123 model
When the name Mercedes-Benz is mentioned, the image that usually comes to mind is that of the W123, the very generation before this line became known as the E-Class. Made from 1976 to 1985, this particular series was one of
More modern than ever
Very few would disagree with the idea that the E-Class sedan is the quintessential Mercedes-Benz vehicle. While the German marque has come out with a broad range of models--from the compact A-Class to a slew of SUVs--the
For testing in State of Nevada, that is
Obtaining most licenses in the State of Nevada is a relatively straightforward and laid-back affair. Marriage licenses, for example, are issued to just about any couple--some of them being married by Elvis impersonators. Now, a new self-driving car has
As found on all-new Mercedes E-Class
The era of vehicle autonomy is upon us. Mercedes-Benz, long known in the industry for pioneering various technologies such as antilock brakes and the like, is taking the whole idea of self-driving cars nearer to fruition. No, their new model
A higher level of refinement
The midsize E-Class has long been a favorite in the Mercedes-Benz product line. Its balanced formula of luxury and everyday practicality has made it a staple for many executives, hotel fleets, and even cab companies (in Germany).And even back
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