MV buys an MB
We're old enough to remember the time when Michael V. became famous for his hit song, Maganda Ang Piliin (Ayoko Ng Panget), a counter to the prevailing hit at that time, Andrew E's Humanap Ka ng Panget. Those songs came
Sadly, no Maybach-fied version
Believe it or not, the current-gen Mercedes-Benz V-Class is now nine years old. It made its world premiere in 2014 and was introduced in the Philippines a year later. One of its main competitors is the Toyota Alphard, and
A knockout luxury ride
Athletes are synonymous with flexing, that act of-intentionally or not-showing the things they have accumulated in this world: watches, clothes, houses, and of course cars. Boxers and fighters are especially known for flaunting their possessions on social media. But when
Now that’s what you call ROI
Some people are just straight-up lucky when it comes to raffles-we suppose we've probably joined enough corporate Christmas parties to know that. They just seem to keep winning time and again without even trying.Other people try to play
Executive's delight
Perhaps reports of its demise have been exaggerated, because here is a new car that bears "the proportions of a classic three-box sedan". Welcome to the posh taxi of the future: the brand-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.It's an
And here’s to 500,000 more
When Mercedes-Benz released the Geländewagen in the '70s, it was originally intended for military use. It took a few more years before it became available for civilian use, and Mercedes-Benz launched that version in 1979. The first models were
The all-new E-Class declares war on the next-gen 5 Series
A few weeks ago, BMW showed the first photos of the next-generation 5 Series. While it was still under heavy camouflage, the company basically announced that it will be launched this year. But not to be outdone, Mercedes-Benz released a
Merc's fanciest SUV just got swankier
In the last couple of months, Mercedes has unveiled new versions of the GLA, the GLB, the GLC and the GLE. Must have been a busy stint for the designers, but then again, that'll teach them for penning so many SUVs.
This is NOT how you tow an illegally parked car
If you visit this website often, you might have noticed how we've featured a lot of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) road-clearing operations in the past. Why? It's basically a gold mine for bizarre stories. As simple
Just make sure you have a daily
Once almost exclusively unloved/turned into pretend M-Sport cars, now coming into vogue if you can find one that hasn't done moon mileage or needs a full body respray/new sills/dampers/brakes, etc. That makes this generation of 3
It will be called MB.OS
Mercedes-Benz has previewed its brand-new purpose-built operating system, MB.OS. It means future Mercedes cars will run supercomputers and a comprehensive suite of sensors as it climbs towards more self-driving functionality.MB.OS is purpose-built software, using
by Cat Dow
For the eco-conscious taipan
Maybach has revealed its first ever plug-in hybrid car, and it is this: the Mercedes-Maybach S580e.Taking the drivetrain from its S-Class equivalent, the hybrid Maybach matches a turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six engine with an electric motor
It's cream inspired
Blimey, the local ice cream salesman is doing alright for himself, isn't he?At least, we assume it's an ice cream seller who has ordered this minty modified Maybach GLS, because there's really no other explanation for picking such
The V8-engined, 604hp GLE63S is still one of those hybrids, though
Mercedes has given its GLE and GLE Coupe SUVs matching facelifts for 2023, and the headline news is that every powertrain on offer in Europe is now a hybrid of some form.We'll run through said powertrains first as if we'
What's new?
The Mercedes-Benz CLA and CLA Shooting Brake four-door coupes now have more power, at least if you're prepared to go hybrid. In fact, it seems Mercedes-Benz has taken on board all the feedback from various reviews and made
Is this the end of an era?
The local luxury car segment might look noticeably different soon. This is after a new joint venture between premium car distributor CATS and global player Inchcape is finalized in the coming months.Inchcape, an independent multi-brand global car distributor, has acquired
Some choices will surprise you
Yes, it's the cheap-fun-car hero, as packed to the gunwales with fresh excitement as tired anecdotes. It was a car journalist's idea. Miata is always the answer. It's basically the British recipe for a fun roadster; just
See anything you like?
Since its introduction (seemingly half a lifetime ago, but who's counting), the XC90 vaulted to the top of the 'sensible family car' list. And that's in spite of the fact that it's an SUV.And that's all down
And yes, it has a V12
Since Mercedes revived the Maybach brand in 2015, it has shifted well over 60,000 cars around the globe. As of 2021, they were selling somewhere close to 600 cars a month. So, this limited-edition version should fly out of the
‘Lauda Drive’ is at the heart of Merc’s F1 team technology campus in Brackley
Mercedes has renamed the main road running through its Formula 1 factory in Brackley in honour of Niki Lauda, with the street now known as 'Lauda Drive'. A lovely tribute, we think you'll agree."It's a true honour to unveil
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