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At least for today
We've lost count of the number of times people sent us angry messages complaining about that stretch on Ortigas Avenue in front of La Salle Greenhills. The issue, of course, involves those cars taking up two lanes of the road, waiting
Straight from the MMDA
A couple of weeks ago, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration finally declared the onset of the rainy season--a godsend for the millions of Filipinos sick of dealing with the sweltering heat.We hate to be buzzkills, but enjoy
And learn how to produce them
Back in March, we posted the above photo--a long-exposure image of EDSA--on our Facebook page. Also called slow-shutter photography, the process produces pretty amazing visuals. We found the picture so amazing, in fact, that we had to ask
It pays to just stay home
Holy Week. That official time of the year when many of us plan the most epic of road trips--either to reunite with province-based relatives or simply to escape the stressful city life we live 24/7. Funny, however, that those
A new AXN game show on wheels
Finally, there's one good thing that traffic might give Metro Manila commuters: a chance to win cash through the game show Cash Cab Philippines.AXN's new 13-episode series will kick off on December 22 at 8:50pm. An encore
A lot of trees falling on cars
The storm has passed--hopefully--and we have to thank the high heavens that Typhoon Glenda wasn't as bad as many had feared it to be. Fortunately, the tempest moved fast, and everything had gone back to normal (including the resumption
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