Tune in if you want a shot at this vehicle
Auto manufacturers handing out discounts, special financing packages, and accessories? These are common ways to go about promoting a car brand. Giving away brand-new vehicles? Not as much.The latter, though, is what MG Philippines plans to do on Friday. Together
Not bad for one of the larger subcompacts around
Extra cabin real estate is always a big plus when it comes to subcompact cars. If you're someone who's looking to get as much interior space as possible with your next purchase, the MG 5 might be worth checking out.
The new hybrid crossover has just been launched in Thailand
MG Philippines' roster is already loaded with crossovers left and right. But knowing how big the market has grown over the past years, we wouldn't be surprised if the carmaker decides to bring in even more similar models.If it were
Something to get excited about
There was a time when Morris Garages, better known by its initials MG, was synonymous with roadsters. Open-air sports cars like the MGA, MGB, and MGF once comprised the most recognizable bunch of the brand's product line, and for good
Would this have a place in our market?
MG has announced that its new all-electric hatchback, the MG 4 EV, will arrive in the UK this September, going head-to-head with the likes of the Volkswagen ID.3, Nissan Leaf, and Renault Megane E-Tech. First revealed in
0-100kph in four seconds, anyone?
Okay, we're sorry. No Huns to defeat here-but we just couldn't help but make a reference to the 1998 Disney flick.This is the MG Mulan, and the business we're referring to here is a 0-100kph sprint
Basic, but not bare
Even though MG is British in spirit, it was one of the brands that helped kickstart the Chinese revolution in the Philippine car market. It was spearheaded by the ZS crossover which, thanks to its value proposition, proved a hit for local
The more, the merrier
When it comes to buying a car, you can never have too many options to consider. MG Philippines knows this, and as such, it is expanding its local subcompact sedan lineup with the addition of the MG 5 Core Plus.The MG
Another stylish Chinese contender
MG Philippines was supposed to launch several models in 2020, but like everyone else, it had to put its plans on hold-and it wasn't until just recently, a full two years later-that the carmaker was able to make good
A compact crossover with subcompact pricing
Say hello to the new HS. This is MG Philippines' newest compact crossover. This was originally scheduled to arrive in 2020, but of course, the pandemic happened. And yes, 'neat' is one way to put it, because this is one sleek-looking
It looks ready to take on the likes of the Geely Coolray and Ford Territory
As stellar as 2021 was for MG Philippines in terms of sales, the carmaker still had to deal with some disappointments-particularly regarding its lineup expansion. The Covenant Car Company (TCCCI) had several new MG models lined up for our market last
The carmaker will be unveiling a brand-new EV in Europe
Here in our market, we have a bunch of MG's budget-friendly offerings like the ZS and the 5. The brand's lineup in Europe, however, is in stark contrast to that.MG is making a strong push for electric vehicles
See how the new Emgrand stacks up against its subcompact-sedan rivals
There's a new Geely in town, and this time, it's no budget-friendly crossover or SUV. No, the new Geely Emgrand is a sedan. A subcompact sedan.This means Geely is now competing in a segment that's been long
This model has been a blockbuster hit for MG
Back in 2016, Morris Garages Philippines was but a small importer operating out of a storefront on EDSA. While it offered a number of decent products, they didn't really spark people's imaginations. But with a change of management came increased
The brand saw an 85% year-on-year growth in sales
It looks like 2021 was pretty good for MG Philippines. Its local distributor, The Covenant Car Company (TCCCI), has shared that a total of 6,343 MG vehicles were sold last year, good for a very decent 85% year-on-year growth.
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