It’s a light tactical vehicle heavily equipped for surveillance operations
We've seen all sorts of military-vehicle conversions for the previous-generation Ford Ranger. But for the all-new model? There aren't too many of them yet. We did find one, though, and it looks menacing.This is the FG-
Looks like a certified beast
Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruisers are about a dime a dozen on the Internet already. This, however, is pretty unique in the sense that it takes the idea of beefing up Toyota's iconic SUV and kicks it up several notches higher.Say
This looks badass
We've already seen what a Philippine-made supercar might potentially look like thanks to Aurelio. Local cyberpunk motorcycles? Lycan is working on a couple you might one day be interested in buying, too. Now, we've also been treated to a
Telesforo Trinidad is the only Filipino in the US Navy to receive the Medal of Honor
US Navy secretary Carlos Del Toro has announced that a Filipino recipient of the Medal of Honor will be honored by naming an Arleigh Burke guided-missile destroyer after him.The Arleigh Burke-class Flight III guided-missile destroyer, DDG 139, will
In case you can’t wait for the real thing
Quickly: What are the first three cars that come to mind when someone brings up an apocalypse-proof vehicle. Chances are you'll come up with some SUVs and perhaps some absurdly large behemoth that serves in the military.Good choices if
Don’t like the new-gen electric Hummer? Step this way
As we all know, General Motors is preparing for the return of the Hummer with a 1,000hp all-electric 'supertruck.' First Edition versions will come fully equipped with every possible piece of tech and will reportedly cost $112,595 (P5.47
That’s one tough-looking watch
Aircraft carriers are giant, lumbering behemoths that-unless you count the jets they carry-don't pack that much firepower. Frankly, there's a handful of considerably more menacing seafaring war machines G-Shock could have taken inspiration from for its Royal
It rides on a highly configurable modular platform
Talk about covering all bases. Not a week after unveiling the luxurious K8 sedan, Kia is now showcasing two light tactical defense vehicle concepts at the 2021 International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in the UAE. Kia began supplying light tactical vehicles
Deployment is scheduled for 2024
Another car manufacturer is beefing up its presence in the military. This time it's Kia, which has announced plans to develop a new platform for next-generation military vehicles.In a statement, the car manufacturer shared that it will begin manufacturing
Thank you for your service
The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has come a very, very long way. Originally developed with battlefields in mind, somehow, the boxy vehicle now has a reputation that leans just as much towards luxury and class as it does outright versatility.Despite the
At 3pm on May 8, 1945, following Germany's formal surrender the day before, Winston Churchill made an announcement over the airwaves that World War II had come to an end in Europe. This year marks the 75th anniversary of that monumental
Made by a US-based manufacturer
Love them or hate them, it looks like you're going to have to deal with police checkpoints for a considerable while longer. The government has extended the enhanced community quarantine period (ECQ) in select areas of the Philippines until May 15,
Good job
If you live in Quezon City and happened to spot a pair of navy green 12-wheeler Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) trucks earlier today, don't be alarmed. These were, in fact, mobile kitchens that the Armed Forces deployed to
It’s said to have been used by General George S. Patton and the Third Army
Not a lot of military vehicles made it out of World War II in one piece, that's for sure. But for the some vehicles that did, they became instant artifacts, machines that went through war and lived to tell the tale.
Other government offices have started pitching in, too
Today marks the first day of the 'enhanced community quarantine' implemented across Luzon. However, not everything went as smoothly as everyone would have hoped.A lot of frontliners-mostly health workers who regularly commute to and from their posts-found themselves stranded
These are certified classics
A German tuner has just torpedoed your new car shopping list for 2020, because it's offering used ex-military Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens from the '90s from €15,200 (P850,000).Time to cross off the Ford Fiestas you were planning
Hummer H2-based one-off is set to appear in a movie
Dartz is back. Well, Latvia's foremost purveyor of military-spec SUVs never really went away. Instead, it was working on this: the Dartz Prombron Black Stallion.It's...massive. Not really a surprise considering it's based on a Hummer H2
It looks more than ready for battle
We got our first real look at the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 during its recent reveal, and to be quite frank, the truck just looks downright menacing. But if, like us, you thought that truck is already a beast as it is, then
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