The little Japanese Jimny meets its idol
When the apocalypse comes and rains fire on these unholy lands, only five things are scientifically capable of survival. The first four are common knowledge: cockroaches, tinned Spam, MotoGP riders, and that dried cereal residue when you leave your bowl out overnight.
Initial reactions to this SUV have been polarizing
The dizzying heights of anticipation for the all-new Suzuki Jimny were somewhat doused when its estimated price was revealed at this year's Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). The mini-SUV didn't just cross the P1 million-mark, it easily
Let's try to decipher the stars
Euro NCAP has just released its latest round of results, including those for the upcoming Suzuki Jimny. And while bigger, more expensive cars like the VW Touareg earned their expected five stars, the Jimny's three star performance is a tad disappointing.
A big improvement
The all-new Suzuki Jimny is simply adorable. This is a fact and it is undisputed. The latest version of the baby off-roader is coming to our roads, and we should really be preparing a ticker-tape parade.Today, we learn
Baby G-Class
Yesterday, Suzuki finally revealed the fourth-generation Jimny, two decades after the last one came out. From what we can tell, this one will be just as memorable.These photos recently surfaced on social media, giving us a better look at what
As charming as ever
Most of us here at Top Gear PH were still sporting school uniforms when the third-generation Suzuki Jimny was revealed. That was way back in the late '90s, and it's the same generation we've seen in dealerships ever since.
Only 200 units to be sold
It's no secret that the Suzuki Jimny is one of our favorite rides. Many of our editors are fans of this little SUV's simplicity. Moreover, the diminutive 4x4 vehicle has proven an off-road capability that can put bigger trucks
See how cute this small SUV is
The supremely cute but also old Suzuki Jimny has always been--and remains to be--on my short list of dream cars I'd like to own one day. It's relatively affordable, looks capable of no-nonsense motoring, and seems like
But careful not to cannibalize Fiesta sales
At the international media drive event for the new Ford EcoSport in Hua Hin, Thailand, Ford Philippines managing director Kay Hart told that she expects her company's latest offering to sell anywhere from 400 to 500 units a
Here's visual proof
You already know that the new Ford EcoSport is based on the Fiesta platform, which essentially makes it a raised subcompact hatchback. Now, if you're thinking that the EcoSport is nothing more than a glorified (and elevated) Fiesta, Ford would like
Making it a truly versatile car
We just drove the all-new Ford EcoSport in Hua Hin, Thailand--so yes, we drove a right-hand-drive unit--and we'd like to share with you our first impressions by listing down our seven favorite features of this small
Coming to several cities
If the Ford EcoSport exclusive video and photos we prepared are not enough and you want to see the mini SUV in the metal, you're in luck. The American carmaker is bringing the EcoSport to select malls where you can test-
Small and striking
Among the American carmakers operating in our country, Ford enjoys the most brand cachet and loyalty. Chevrolet is still growing its market share, and Chrysler is staying on the premium side of the industry for now. Meanwhile, the Blue Oval brand is
To be launched this week
Ford Philippines is officially launching the EcoSport mini SUV this week (on Thursday, to be exact). Yesterday, we shared with you the seven available body colors for the Philippine-market EcoSport, as provided to us by the company.Well, one of our
Which one do you prefer?
The Ford EcoSport is almost here. In fact, we can already smell its freshly baked paint job. And to crank up our anticipation even further, Ford Philippines has teased us with the official list of body colors available for the soon-to-
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