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Expect a load of extra features here
Hyundai revealed the sketches of the next-generation i10 just last month. If you've been keeping an eye out for that, then we have some good news for you: The Korean carmaker has revealed the all-new i10 prior to its
It’s more than just a little car
The first-generation Honda Brio was around for a while, wasn't it? It was first revealed as a concept back in 2010 before hitting production floors the following year. But it wasn't until 2014 that the mini car made its
Presenting our version
Many people remember Kia Pride as that cheap little Korean car from the '90s. It was the perfect example of basic transport designed to get you from point A to point B. Powered by a carbureted 1,139cc engine that produced 69hp,
The more GTIs, the better
Welcome to the Volkswagen Up GTI-a Top Gear UK award-winner, and all-round tremendous thing. At least for a week at a time. We hope this one proves just as lovable over the six months or so we'll be
It's also a lot bigger on the inside
The littlest Audi is bigger than ever. And it's angry. Very angry. We're told those three slits above the colossal grille are a homage to the '84 Sport Quattro-a car with which the A1 shares literally nothing save for
It's called the Small RS Concept
Sirs, this angry-albeit in a sort of cute kind of way-little hatch is the Honda Small RS Concept. It's currently on display at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), and reports are suggesting that this could very well be
Do you like the exterior tweaks?
When the current-gen Chevrolet Spark entered the Philippine market early in 2017, it immediately struck us as one of the better-looking offerings in its segment.This preception was largely due to the small hatchback's relatively bold front end and
Subdued and classy; just the way we like it
Chevrolet Philippines has been churning out some interesting cars in the past few years, and improving its efforts to provide legitimate value-conscious options across multiple segments. At this year's Manila International Auto Show, we were shown the new Spark. This
Which offers more bang for your buck?
Motoring writers and enthusiasts have not warmed up much to the Mitsubishi Mirage, knocking it for poor driving dynamics and lackadaisical performance. But despite this, it has been a hit with economy buyers. With a lot to offer for the money-at
The new mini car is looking good
It's been more than three years since Toyota Motor Philippines introduced the Wigo to our market, and so it's just the right time for a midlife update. While the pre-facelift Wigo looked fine and aged well, it can already
Toning down its funkiness
We can never avoid talking about little hatchbacks. I personally have a soft spot for them-I think they bring charm to the streets, and it's the appropriate vehicle to own these days given the traffic density and the price of
A well-equipped and spacious little car
Suzuki's expertise in small cars is beyond reproach. But while the previous Celerio was a fuel-economy champion, the advent of maxi-sized minis from Mitsubishi and Toyota have left it handicapped in the sales race, due to its lack
According to a report, we might
The last decade or so in the automotive industry witnessed how subcompact cars became the low-cost alternative to compact cars, making them the new "it" car. If you see a new Toyota Vios parked beside a mid-'90s "Big Body" Corolla,
How did they fare?
When it comes to out-of-town media events, Honda Cars Philippines has a simple but effective formula. The company chooses a destination, finds a good road, and lets you drive the hell out of its cars. Okay, maybe "drive the hell"
Coming soon to a dealership near you
There\'s no rest for the weary, it seems. As Toyota Motor Philippines was busy launching the all-new Corolla Altis to the media last night, the Japanese carmaker was teasing the followers of its Facebook fan page with the car it
Also known as the glorified Toyota iQ
Certain news outlets have leaked the bizarre news that Aston Martin is mulling coming out with a V12 Cygnet. And they're adamant that, no, this is not an April Fool's Day prank left off a few months too late. Perhaps
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