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The future of Mini includes motorsport, but not manuals
The biggest Mini Cooper yet
You've probably already seen one of the many leaked images online, but this is the all-new Mini Cooper in all of its glory.Well, this particular car is actually the replacement for the outgoing Mini Electric, but that's because
Here are the newest Minis in town
There are a couple of new Minis in town, folks. Autohub Group and Mini Philippines have just launched the new Cooper S Convertible Seaside Edition and the Clubman Untold Edition. First up, the top down. This special Seaside Edition boasts snazzy colorways-
Evolution is the name of the game
Mini wants you to know that it has gone back to the drawing board for its next generation of car design, and today it has teased the first four of many things that have been entirely rethought.They are as follows: the
Here's your first look at it
Mini has announced that an all-new generation of its smallest model will be unveiled later this year, with cars hitting the road in early 2024.Rather confusingly though, the little hatchback will no longer be called the Mini Hatch, or the
Will electric convertibles become a thing?
Mini has revealed a new car. It is called the Mini Electric Convertible, and in a surprising turn of events, it is a Mini that is both 'electric' and 'convertible'.Building on the reception received by last summer's one-off electric
The British icon has come a long way
The Mini Cooper has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The British icon has evolved from a cute little car from decades past to a slightly bigger but still cute car.Throughout the years, the Mini has also gotten more
Have you changed your opinion on a car recently?
If you stick around for a long time, people get fed up with you. But hang in there and eventually they begin to love you again. I give you Paul McCartney's headlining at Glastonbury and Abba's sold out avatar gigs,
The refreshed John Cooper Works 3-Door and Convertible have also landed
Mini Philippines has revamped its roster with the launch of the refreshed Mini Cooper. The range consists of seven variants in total, all of which have received some slight aesthetic and technological enhancements.Headlining the new lineup are the 3-Door, the
Automotive icons like you’ve never seen them before
As Singer is to the 911, so Gateway is to the Bronco. And at the start of 2020, we first got news of its intentions to fit the rather excellent old Bronco with a Roush-tuned Ford 5.0-liter V8. These
Mini Philippines’ second introduction of the year
Mini opened 2020 with the launch of the Mini Convertible Sidewalk Edition. Now, it appears Mini Philippines is ending the year by bringing the same top-down hatch over to our shores.The additions to this Mini include a seven-speed Steptronic
Imagine the power-to-weight ratio
Remember that scene in The Italian Job, when three Mini Coopers had to jump the Fiat factory's roof to escape the pursuing policemen? Had they been three of these Mini Coopers, we suspect they would have made it a little further
The character is still there
Like many of the world's biggest car brands these days, Mini was once just a model name. Of course, you already knew that, didn't you? And you already know the story behind the original Mini's conception, but we'll
This is the guy who helped design some of the world’s most popular cars
Only a select few earn the chance and the privilege to design the most popular and exotic cars in the world. Automotive designer Frank Stephenson is part of this elite set of talents, and throughout his career, he has had a hand
They still pack a lot of power
Some fans of the Ford Mustang believe that it isn't a 'real' Mustang if it doesn't have a V8 engine, referring to the four-cylinder EcoBoost version Ford has in its lineup. Scotty Kilmer thinks this isn't the case,
‘The Inner Drive’ shows how Sir Alec Issigonis started the brand
After 60 years and 10 million cars produced since its inception, the Mini brand continues to stand strong. The former British brand has evolved with the times and is now infused with BMW's engineering prowess.In celebration of its legacy, Mini
As in smaller than the current three-door—and fully-electric
The next big thing for Mini will be a little thing-a car that's smaller than the current three-door hatch. And it'll be fully-electric.Good. Every one of BMW's three generations of the Mini hatch has been
Matching bespoke race suit and helmet are optional
Remember David Brown Automotive? The company started out stripping old Jaguar XKs of their bodywork and fitting its own, Aston Martin DB5-like panels to make the controversial, £600,000 Speedback GT.Then a couple of years ago, it revealed the Mini
“Should I get myself one?”
At six feet, eight inches tall and 425lbs, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson-one of the planet's strongest men and the dude who played the fearsome Sir Gregor Clegane, aka 'The Mountain,' in Game of Thrones-is one big-
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