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Bummer? A bit...
It's not just the all-new Toyota Innova that we've gotten word about-a source has also given us valuable information regarding the next-generation Wigo.A while back, we reported that the next iteration of the popular mini hatchback
Will it still be a bargain?
Honda made a bit of noise over the weekend when it revealed the updated Brio in Indonesia. The mini hatchback saw some tweaks to its exterior and interior and is set to be up against the all-new Toyota Wigo and Kia
Like the new look?
It's been a while since the second-generation Honda Brio made its debut. It made its world premiere in mid-2018 and eventually landed in the Philippines in 2019. Since then, the mini hatchback has remained largely unchanged in its four-
Just in time for the all-new Wigo
Crossovers and SUVs are the hot sellers these days, but let's not forget that the small hatchback market also takes up a good chunk of sales in Southeast Asia. With the reveal of the all-new Toyota Wigo, we can expect
How does the mini hatch hold up after all these years?
To own a car is to risk falling in love. Signing on the dotted line at a dealership could very well spell the beginning of a fairy tale love affair where every passing year means a renewed happy ending. But the love
It’s nothing like the old Panda
Remember the Geely Panda? If you don't, then it's totally understandable. Geely's first attempt to sell cars in the Philippine market was largely forgettable, but the Panda sticks to some folk's memory thanks to its amusing name. Fast
It finally has a bigger engine
It's been a while since Toyota pulled the covers off the all-new Wigo mini hatchback. It has been one of the more significant global debuts for Toyota this year (so far), but there is one thing Japan's largest automaker
There’s no denying its, um, inspiration
The Chinese auto industry has come a long way in the last 20 years. These days, Chinese cars are more mainstream and, dare we say it, accepted by consumers. There are fewer copycat designs these days, but there are still a few
Should it come back here?
It seems that Hyundai is in for a very busy 2023. Aside from the new Elantra, the South Korean automaker is busy preparing the next-generation Accent, and possibly working on a crossover version of the Stargazer. But those aren't the
The little hatchback is all grown up
You've seen photos of the Perodua Axia, the Malaysian market's take on the Toyota Wigo. But while that model has been (mostly) revealed, we have yet to see what the Toyota-badged version will look like. With that, Toyota Indonesia
*As the Perodua Axia
Things are sure moving fast for the next-generation Toyota Wigo. Just a few weeks after its initial teaser, the Perodua version, the Axia, has unmasked itself ahead of its global premiere. With that, these photos will give us a better idea
What will the next-gen model be like?
With the teaser of the Perodua Axia out, it practically confirms the debut of the all-new Toyota Wigo this year. That's because the Axia is a licensed version of the Wigo that is sold in Malaysia. And with that, the
Reports say we can expect it as early as March 2023
The Wigo has been one of Toyota's top sellers for nearly a decade. It's not only a bestseller here, but also in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia (as a Perodua product). However, one can't deny the current platform'
What you’re looking at is Indonesia’s Daihatsu Ayla EV concept
The Wigo is easily one of Toyota's most fuel-efficient models. But considering how steep pump prices are these days, we're sure people wouldn't mind if the affordable little hatchback were made even more frugal.How so? Perhaps taking
We compare it to the Suzuki Celerio
While the Casper isn't part of the initial lineup of Hyundai Motor Philippines, we still hope to see the pint-sized crossover at some point. This stylish mini SUV is the perfect alternative to the typical A-segment hatchback.Today, we'
Is new always better?
Out with the old, in with the new. You've heard it time and again. And while that saying might be apt for, say, the new iPhone that comes out every year, it doesn't always hold true for automobiles.Think back
*Reports say the big reveal will be happening on November 10
It's been a while since we've heard any big updates about the Suzuki Celerio. Frankly, the tiny hatchback's been looking a bit dated for a while now, especially with the recent arrival of refreshed competitors, not to mention a
The entry level Toyota is more refined than ever, but is it worth the price?
How many facelifts should a car receive in one generation? Well, if you ask Toyota, the answer is apparently as many as you can fit in. The Wigo has only been in our market for six years, and yet Toyota Motor Philippines
There will be a new TRD S variant available
Remember the facelifted Toyota Wigo we said might make its way to the Philippines? It was just launched in Indonesia, and we finally have actual photos of it-plus some more details about its possible arrival here in our market.But before
Our source tells us the hatchback’s new face will look like the Avanza’s
It seems Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is set to reveal its first new model for the year. A source has recently told Top Gear PH that a facelifted Toyota Wigo is set to be launched in the Philippines soon. The current model
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