It’s a nicely designed Mini with a naughty side
Canada. Regularly laying claim to being one of the nicest countries in the world-both in terms of ambiance and its inhabitants-there can be few better places to head when it's rest, solitude, and-well-downright niceness you seek.Or
Wait ’til you see the interior
Fashion designer Paul Smith first collaborated with Mini way back in 1997. You may have seen the 84-stripe, 24-color end result of that tie-up on t-shirts, pants, and just about every other piece of clothing imaginable in the
It will cost you
Mini John Cooper Works GP Inspired Edition. That's a pretty long name-but nowhere near as long as the list of add-ons and upgrades it gets over its non-JCW counterpart. We'll get to that in a bit, but
Only 740 of these will be made
It was 60 years ago that a chap called John Cooper-owner of the Cooper Car Company, which won the F1 constructors' titles in 1959 and 1960-realized the sporting potential of the humble Mini.You know the story-Cooper-fettled Minis
It’s been nicknamed ‘Vini’
You'd think plugging a comparatively giant 4.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 into a tiny R56 Mini Cooper S would be a tricky project, wouldn't you?Well, you'd be absolutely correct, because the absurdly brilliant creation above took British
It’s immune to travel restrictions
Last year, Mini concocted something called the Vision Urbanaut. Essentially a Mini van-cum-mood-room, it lived in the digital world only and slightly rattled our brains as we tried in vain to figure it out.So Mini has made one
For £25,000, or about P1.69 million in local currency
Remember the Swind E Classic Mini? Yeah, the £79,000 (P5.34 million) conversion that packed Issigonis's city car with an 80kW electric motor and enough batteries for 201km of range.Well, London Electric Cars doesn't reckon you need that
We prefer the convertible
Top or no top? That is the question. No, not that top. We know it's summer, but leave your shirts on, people. We're referring to those of you who've been awaiting what Mini's had planned for its John
This little thing is Formula E’s newest safety car
This bright little bundle of batteries is the new safety car for Formula E. It's called the Mini Electric Pacesetter, and in its maker's own words, is "the most dynamic interpretation yet of a Mini with all-electric power."It
The brand is going fully-electric
It appears the BMW Group is dead serious about cleaning up its act. The German car company has announced that it will begin shifting towards cleaner powertrains this decade, starting with Mini-which will fully ditch the internal combustion engine (ICE) by
The facility features a customer lounge, a two-car display, and a service bay
Mini Philippines made the most of 2020 with the Mini John Cooper Works GP and the Mini Convertible Sidewalk Edition. Now, it is greeting the year with yet another launch, this time of a new dealership in the Visayas region.Together with
New tech and colors are available for the 2021 range
It's facelift time for the good ol' Mini. And as is the norm with BMW nowadays, the new car has quite the snout.Mini says the new design, which features a bigger grille with a hexagonal surround, new air intakes, and
Mini Philippines’ second introduction of the year
Mini opened 2020 with the launch of the Mini Convertible Sidewalk Edition. Now, it appears Mini Philippines is ending the year by bringing the same top-down hatch over to our shores.The additions to this Mini include a seven-speed Steptronic
This will be powered by the BMW i3’s 184hp, 270Nm electric motor
True, news of a prototype hot hatch testing around the Nurburgring isn't exactly cresting 'Dog Learns To Speak!' levels of hysteria, but this particular combination is quite a big moment, because underneath said prototype hot hatch lies a fully electric drivetrain.
A classic for the electric age
We've all done it. We've all said to ourselves, "I'd love to buy a classic Mini and restore it." Now's your chance to do just that, while keeping with the times. Swindon Powertrain has launched its 'Classic Mini
We reckon even the superhero himself would want to drive it
The Flash may be one of the fastest superheroes in the entire DC Universe, and he may not really need a car to get around Central City, but here's something he still might want to get behind the wheel of: a
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