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Worthy of JaDine
This exact same car was booked for a cover shoot with our sister magazine, Preview. The fashion team had initially wanted an American muscle car to be the main prop for the James Reid and Nadine Lustre-otherwise known as JaDine-editorial,
This compact sedan isn't dead just yet
The Mitsubishi Lancer isn't dead just yet. In fact, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has just announced that the refreshed Lancer EX is now available in the Philippines. Both the GLS and GT-A variants come with a variety of updates both
Restored to its former glory
Imagining this 1979 two-door Mitsubishi Lancer in a junked state and covered in rust holes is virtually impossible in its current condition. The paint is shiny, the interiors are clean and maintained, and the engine rumbles with sureness. But according to
Reliable, fun and daily-driven
We have a soft spot for cars from the '70s. Not too long ago, they were a dime a dozen, and even well into the '80s and the '90s, models like the first-gen Mitsubishi Lancer were commonplace on our roads. With
See all the glorious details
It seems the US market is having a field day with the Mitsubishi Lancer: Not only has a face-lifted model been announced, a total of 1,600 units of the Lancer Evolution Final Edition will also be made available to American
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