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The Shogun, as the Pajero is known there, sold 114,164 units in 37 years
We render a potential Pajero revival
As the current Pajero cruises closer to the finish line, we at Top Gear Philippines have already begun to plan the legendary SUV's comeback-in the digital world, of course.The main thing we had to decide on was what direction
Should he go secondhand?
Hi Top Gear Philippines!My dad wants to buy a new SUV. The options are a brand-new Mitsubishi Pajero or a low-mileage 2017 Nissan Patrol Safari diesel variant. Their prices are most likely the same.AnonymousHello!It is tough choosing
Germany releases the Final Edition
The Mitsubishi Pajero first debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1981, and entered into production the following year. It's achieved legendary status since then in many ways, from multiple Dakar Rally wins to its image as a local status
An enduring icon
The last time that the world was treated to an all-new Mitsubishi Pajero, we were still posting our photos on Myspace and listening to emo music. The iconic SUV has been around in its current form for over a decade now,
The old workhorse lives on
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.It's been over a decade since the world has seen an all-new Mitsubishi Pajero. To put that into perspective, the current model
A word from our consumer editor
Dear Top Gear/ Mr. Botchi SantosGreetings! Which SUV would you recommend: The Mitsubishi Pajero or the 2.3-liter Ford Explorer? Both are within the same price range and I like both of their looks. I just need the expert/objective point
We get reacquainted with an icon
They say firsthand knowledge is the best kind of knowledge. While not many of us have this privilege, I feel like I'm in a good position to share what it's like to be a Mitsubishi Pajero owner. I own a
There’s a significant power bump
It may be the last of its name, but the Mitsubishi Pajero has lost none of its luster and appeal. It's a testament to the timelessness of its design that it doesn't look outdated, and we won't be surprised
Due to fuel-economy concerns
We've all known for some time now that Mitsubishi Motors will be concentrating on just SUVs and crossovers. That's why the demise of the Galant, followed by the announcement that it would also be the end of the line for
The same version presented at PIMS
From the '80s until now, whenever someone pulls up in a Mitsubishi Pajero, you assume the guy is a big shot or a VIP. Ever since it came out three decades ago, the Pajero has exuded an aura of capability and importance.
Help your fellow reader by taking the poll
Hi, Botchi. I would like to ask for your help regarding two matters. I guess these inquiries have never been published in your magazine or online column.First, I would like to ask for your help to convince my grandmother to ditch
Go out, drive and explore
With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines has some of the most beautiful destinations. With that come scenic routes and fantastic driving roads, which make the journey double the fun. As your fellow car lovers, we would tell you to go out,
Only 200 units will be sold
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) is celebrating the Pajero\'s 30th anniversary by introducing the Pajero 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (LE). With only 200 units to be sold in our market, this variant has the following exclusive accessories:* chrome garnish in the spare
Help your fellow reader by taking the poll
Hi, Mr. Botchi Santos! Please rate the following SUVs\' performance, equipment, fuel consumption and value for money:* Kia Mohave EX CRDi* Hyundai Veracruz GLS* Toyota Prado 3.0 (AT)* Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 Di-DThanks,JB Vargas Hi, JB. It\'s hard
Here's a simple visual guide for them
Readers have been sending us a lot of photos of cars wearing incorrect badges lately--like a Hyundai Accent with a Mugen license-plate holder or a Mitsubishi Pajero with a TRD badge or a Kia Rio with a Ralliart logo. While
More powerful and luxurious options<br />
Hi, Botchi!I have read most of your articles in Top Gear's website and none of it is about diesel-fed luxury sport-utility vehicles. I'd like to get your opinion on these SUVs:Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2
Because politicians aren't the only ones fond of 'em big rides<br />
Hi, Botchi.Good day! I'm trying to decide which SUV to buy. I've only browsed models via the Internet and I haven't checked one up close. It's so hard to decide. Do you think
We bring you the next addition to the Mitsubishi family<br />
The Japanese brand is bringing in the RVR, a compact crossover, in the second half of 2010, a well-placed source from Mitsubishi Philippines said. The RVR is a compact crossover with an all-new 1.8-liter MIVEC gasoline engine. Japan&#
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