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The comeback is real
Mitsubishi returns to its rally roots in a big way. This past weekend, Team Mitsubishi Ralliart finished first overall at the Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR). The race ran from November 21 to 26 and stretched a total of 1,524km between
Good luck, guys!
Endurance racing is no joke. The slightest misstep can make or break a vehicle's standing-and we're not just talking about a driver's performance behind the wheel, either.How an endurance racer performs also depends largely on the building
Our staff member tries one to find out
Okay, so Mitsubishi's new Ralliart Edition releases aren't exactly what fans were expecting. Still, we're glad to see the name back in the local market. Even if it is just in the form of this dressed-up Strada.The
Based on the rumors and spy photos
The current generation Mitsubishi Strada-a.k.a. Triton-made its debut in late 2014 and landed on our shores in early 2015. In late 2018, it was given a major refresh-this is the current model that wears the brand's
Worth the asking price?
Ralliart is back in the Philippines. Well, sort of.As we reported earlier, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) has brought in Ralliart variants of the Strada and Montero Sport midsize SUV. But again, these aren't souped-up versions of the vehicle, but
The Strada and the Montero Sport might get the treatment
If you're someone who has looked at neighboring markets' Mitsubishi lineups receive Ralliart makeovers and felt jealous, dropping by the 2022 Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) will probably be worth your while.Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has confirmed that Ralliart will be
Say hello to the Malaysia’s new Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition
The current Mitsubishi Strada is now the most dated truck among all the heavy-hitters in the local midsize-pickup segment. This fact has now grown even more evident, with the recent launch of the all-new Ford Ranger.There's still
We don’t want the stickers and aesthetics—we want a desert-conquering machine
When one says Ralliart, what comes to mind are dune-bashing, Dakar-conquering 4x4s, not stickers and bodykits. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi's recent revival of its motorsports division was more of the latter.That's not to say that Mitsubishi's capable rally
For your consideration
Car lovers have a weird habit of constantly checking on the value of secondhand units online. We aren't shopping at the moment (nor do we have the money to do so), but it's just something that enthusiasts like us do
You still have options
Gone are the days when pickup trucks were considered purebreds built for the sole purpose of carrying cargo. These days, thanks to their smorgasbord of tech extras and interiors built to please, you may as well consider them lifestyle vehicles.That said,
The GLS can be had as a 4x2 or a 4x4; manual and gearbox options are available
The new Xpander isn't the only addition to Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' (MMPC) lineup this month-the company has just announced that the new Strada GLS has also arrived in our market.Before we get into the details, let's talk prices.
They should sell this beast at dealerships
Last year, Mitsubishi got its fans all riled up with the announcement that it was reviving the legendary Ralliart name. While the move has yet to bring anything substantial in terms of consumer-grade offerings, it's a different story when it
This kitted truck has a P1.27 million price tag
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines already has the Strada Athlete for customers looking for a dressed-up version of its pickup. If that design doesn't work for you, though, here's something different that might suit your taste better: the Strada Super Shogun.
Not a fan of orange?
The Strada Athlete landed early last year as a tougher and more playful alternative to the stock version of Mitsubishi's popular pickup offering. We can see, though, how the vehicle's popping orange paint job might turn buyers looking for a
The carmaker marks the comeback with a special-edition Strada and Montero Sport
Been waiting for the revival of Ralliart? Many of us are. Well, Mitsubishi has now marked the official comeback of its motorsports division with the launch of two new models: the Strada Ralliart and Montero Sport Ralliart.What kind of special twist
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