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Sony is now serious about bringing PS games to your phone
It's not that some franchises have not already arrived on our smartphones-Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, and, most recently, Crash Bandicoot-but Sony wants to bring in more titles to smartphones.It's not hard to see why the company
Exclusive F1 prizes up for grabs
Oris Reaction Race, a mobile racing game developed by Swiss watch manufacturer Oris, has been released for Apple and Android devices. The racing game, which can be downloaded for free, features five stages of play designed to test the precision and reflexes
Feel the adrenaline through 'Manila Rush'
When you're stuck in Metro Manila traffic, do you sometimes wish you had an alternative and faster means of getting to your destination? For the virtual character of the game Manila Rush, there is another way of going around the metro.
It's just as addictive
In case you've grown tired of playing Flappy Bird on your mobile phone, we'd like to suggest an exciting new game, developed by no less than the most awesome automotive media brand on the planet. Top Gear has just released
Play 'Ferrari GT3: World Track' now
Want to feel what it's like to drive a Ferrari? If you're a Sun Cellular subscriber, you're in luck. Gameloft and Sun Cellular Value-Added Services have teamed up to bring mobile gamers Ferrari GT3: World Track, the third
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