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This has been long overdue
In one of its final sessions before the next administration takes over, the Senate passed an act that penalizes "distracted driving." According to a report by the Inquirer, the bill was approved on its third and final reading."While the State recognizes
Meet the Textalyzer
The US Center for Disease Control estimates that around nine people per day are killed in road accidents caused by distracted drivers. An equally alarming figure reveals that some 1,153 people are injured for the same reason. Authorities say that these
How distracted are you when driving?
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. The next time you bring out that phone to text while you're driving, think about this: Every year all over the world, 1.
According to a UK study
Remember the days when one would go to a car dealership, check out the models on display, and talk to a salesman? Or what about sifting through tons of car brochures just to compare specs and features? While many people still do
Stop the unsafe habit
We just can't stress enough how careless it is for anyone behind the wheel to be distracted by a smartphone. Whether you're checking your inbox, scrolling through Facebook, or browsing Instagram--taking your eyes off the road to check on
Meet the Mazda Mobile Start app
Mazda has always been one of the sportiest Japanese car brands around. Cars like the legendary RX-7 and the MX-5 have practically made their mark on car lovers everywhere. And this Mazda DNA has even been passed on to its
Creates mobile app for this purpose
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has created a unique mobile application that it hopes will help solve road congestion problems in Metro Manila by turning Facebook friends into carpoolers.Called Friend Trip, the app allows Facebook friends, or those who live within
For improved in-car voice and data
It's another weeknight stuck in gridlock. The traffic enforcers are nowhere to be found. The light ahead of you is green, but some idiotic buses have blocked your way because they entered the box junction (if they even know what this
Meet the N3 and the R5
We're expecting in-car selfies and supercar street-sighting shots to be taken to a whole new level because of a new smartphone by Chinese manufacturer Oppo, the N3. It's coming around mid-December, but we got a sneak preview
1st product to go on sale in October
After creating luxury mobile phones with Ferrari, Vertu has signed an exclusive five-year partnership with Bentley, with the first "Vertu For Bentley" smartphone scheduled to be launched in October.The partnership between the two companies will see the production of a
To better serve its customers
The vehicle you see above is another creation of Atoy Customs, called the Smart Store on Wheels and unveiled today by the telecommunications company to help it reach its customers more effectively outside the usual mall setting. Smart claims this is the
Does this make sense?
A study conducted by a Canadian public policy research group has found that a law against distracted driving has failed to improve road safety within the Manitoba region as highway fatalities have reportedly reached an all-time high during the first full
Following the July 4 bus accident on EDSA
Following the accident on July 4 that saw a public-utility bus breaching the railing of the EDSA-Ortigas flyover and ramming the MRT concrete girder reportedly due to its driver sending and reading text messages on his cellphone while driving, Senator
Play 'Ferrari GT3: World Track' now
Want to feel what it's like to drive a Ferrari? If you're a Sun Cellular subscriber, you're in luck. Gameloft and Sun Cellular Value-Added Services have teamed up to bring mobile gamers Ferrari GT3: World Track, the third
Let's hope we get this soon
Ford wants to make the distracting habit of reading text messages on a mobile phone while driving a thing of the past by adding to its Sync in-car connectivity system a text-to-speech feature.The text-to-speech feature works
Now we wait for the Senate's move<br />
Use of cellular phone while driving may soon be declared a criminal act as the House Bill seeks to illegalize the use of mobile communication devices while operating a vehicle moves a step closer to becoming a law.The Anti-Mobile Communication
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