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“I realized I was well beyond my conscious understanding”
Lewis Hamilton's heroics at the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix in a car that wasn't supposed to be quick enough to challenge Red Bull and Ferrari for pole left the world of motorsports in both shock and awe. It ranks as
Now this is what we call a simulation
Out of all the historic moments throughout Ayrton Senna's legendary career, some of his runs in Monaco are the most memorable. Runs which we get to relive once in a while through onboard footage such as this.But for motorsports enthusiast
The watchmaker is now the official timekeeper of the Monaco Historic Grand Prix
It seems TAG Heuer is making its mark in the Monaco motorsport scene even bigger, as it has now officially been appointed as the official sponsor and timekeeper for the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.The watchkeeper has had a long-standing
We are drooling right now
Cars aren't the only things we are passionate about. Top Gear PH has a thing for watches, too. If you've been following our brand, you would know that we used to have a section dedicated to cool timepieces in our
What's the solution?
All credit to Daniel Ricciardo. The affable Red Bull driver finally got his well-deserved victory at Monaco last weekend, finishing ahead of second-placed Sebastian Vettel and third-placed Lewis Hamilton.He had an engine issue quite early on, and had
Button will take his place
McLaren has today announced its lead driver, Fernando Alonso, will miss the Monaco Grand Prix. He's swerving the most glamorous race on the Formula 1 calendar in order to compete at the Indy 500 in the US. Jenson Button will return
Lewis Hamilton finally has his day
As what happens in Monaco when it rains, cars slide and team strategies are tested. The most prestigious race on the calendar certainly didn't disappoint this year. Here are the highlights.1. Red Bull's mistake gifted Lewis Hamilton the victory.
The Monaco GP featured, er, grid boys
Lewis Hamilton's tactical blunder of a pit stop wasn't the only debatable topic during last Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix. There was one other thing that caught the attention of viewers, teams and at least one driver, too: the absence
Featuring a monumental pit-stop error
We don't know about you, but until Lap 64 of the Monaco Grand Prix, we were asking ourselves why we were still watching this dreadfully dreary race. The usual suspects--Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel--made up the top three,
Rosberg is aiming for a hat trick of wins
Heads-up: Round six of the 2015 Formula 1 season is happening this weekend at the ritziest venue on the calendar. Too bad trackside glamor and racing action are inversely proportional to each other in Monte Carlo, where the narrow street circuit
Infighting took things up a notch
Monaco. Sun, sand and casinos make it one of the most popular destinations for the European jet set. With the greatest per capita concentration of supercars and exotics anywhere in the world, it seems a natural venue for Formula 1. Normally, it'
Australian driver died peacefully at the age of 88
On May 19th, 1957, one Monaco GP entrant finished the race by pushing his car across the finish line.The Cooper T43 (which went against the front-engined norm of Formula 1 cars at the time by having its engine mounted behind
Local boy Nico Rosberg takes it for Mercedes
How best to describe the Monaco Grand Prix? Eventful? It was, definitely. Exciting? It depends on how closely you\'ve been following the feisty Sergio Perez\'s race. His overtaking maneuvers against three world champions garnered this post-race tidbit from Kimi
We place our bets for the most glamorous race of the season
With the luck we\'re having so far in making these pre-race predictions, we should never, ever go gambling in Monaco. As it is, we would\'ve probably lost most of our money by now had there been actual betting involved.
Brawn GP's Jenson Button claimed his fifth win out of six races in yesterday's Monaco Grand Prix.This brings Brawn GP's points to 86 in the past six races, the same number of points of Red
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