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It could be here next month
Subaru has launched three new models in the Philippines this year so far. Launched in during the Manila International Auto Show, these were the mildly updated Outback, the Forester GT, and the heavily updated Evoltis. But there's another model coming in
The Forester gets more (visual) zing
Subaru Philippines has been pretty busy during this year's Manila International Auto Show. Aside from launching the new-look Evoltis in the country, it also quietly rolled out the subtly updated Outback. But Subaru isn't quite done yet as it
A few tweaks here and there
The facelifted Evoltis stood front and center at the Subaru booth during this year's Manila International Auto Show. After all, it was the most obvious one on the stand to get significant changes on the outside. But as it turns out,
Subaru’s updated luxo crossover lands in PH
What's the car you think of when you see the word Subaru? Typically, it's the WRX or the Forester, but the brand has other solid offerings in the lineup too. One of these is the Evoltis, and the updated model
Now might be the time to bite
Motor Image Pilipinas, Subaru's official local distributor, is giving the local market a good reason to consider the XV and Forester this month.MIP has announced that select variants of both models will be available with exclusive discounts and freebies until
Now available in PH
Looking for a more upscale cabin vibe to go with your brand-new Subaru XV? Then you'll be pleased to know that Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP), the carmaker's official local distributor, now offers a variant that provides exactly that.MIP
This should be a fun watch
There's good driving, and then there's Russ Swift making the impossible look like a cakewalk behind the wheel.If you've never had the pleasure of seeing world-famous stunt driver and Guinness World Record holder Russ Swift in action
The brand’s safety features are top-notch
If we're talking safety, Subaru is right up there with the best in the industry. This isn't just because of their vehicles' build quality, either, as the brand makes it a point to equip its cars with the latest in
Mark your calendars
It's hard to believe that the current-generation Subaru XV has been around for five years already. Man, we can still remember shooting this crossover for our magazine cover just like it was yesterday.Now, Subaru has just released a teaser
The Evoltis can also be had through a zero-interest, 12-month payment plan
Local Subaru distributor Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP) has just rolled out its newest promo for August, just before the '-ber' months begin. Through MIP's August Rainy Day Deals, the company is making the XV crossover and the Evoltis SUV more attainable
We miss this body type
This, ladies and gents, is the current-generation Subaru Outback. This hit the public consciousness way back in 2019, but it wasn't until 2021 that we saw it on local shores. It's not a new nameplate by any stretch-we
We’re the only market under Motor Image that gets it
You've probably heard about the big news that the all-new Subaru WRX is officially here. Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP), the local distributor of Subaru vehicles in our market, has just launched the next-generation performance car.What many of you
Anyone else here love wagons?
Sporty sedans? In our market, there simply aren't too many offerings that match the description. The Subaru WRX has fit it to a tee for quite a while, though, and we're happy to report that this will continue to be
It’s finally here
If we're being honest, there's little else left to reveal about the 2022 WRX. We found out the vehicle was arriving in May, and since then we've already reported the official prices, variants, and specs of local units.Still,
The car is launching next week
A few days ago, we released the official pricing details for the all-new Subaru WRX sedan and wagon. While we had some idea what the local spec-sheet would contain at the time, nothing was official. This is no longer the
Discounts, low down payment offers, low-monthly plans—you name it
Check out the official prices and variants inside
In case you missed it, the 2022 Subaru WRX is poised to launch locally in the first week of June.Details aren't too plentiful at the moment, but we've already received word that the vehicle will come packing a 2.
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