A tribute to Mitsubishi's past and future
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) is doing what no other local car brand has been able to do-celebrate its 60th anniversary. The brand arrived in 1963 and has survived Martial Law, EDSA Revolutions, and all sorts of national calamities. And it's
But do check out all the cars if you can
After a restrained return last year, motor shows are back in a big way. Possible COVID surge be damned, people crammed into the World Trade Center floor yesterday for the first day of the 2023 Manila International Auto Show held annually (but
Plus a few others
The 2023 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) is upon us. This weekend, we'll be seeing the biggest brands in the automotive industry display their latest models at the World Trade Center for the public to see.Last year was a pretty
Wait, what?
We're pretty pumped up for the upcoming Manila International Auto Show. Sure, it's our job to cover it, but who doesn't enjoy seeing car premieres and new metal on the show stands? It's also a time for most
It’s already scheduled for October 26 to November 5, 2023
The Tokyo Motor Show (TMS)-one of the automotive industry's biggest global events-took a hit from the pandemic last year as the biennial event was canceled for the first time ever since its inauguration in 1954. But now that things
Doors open on May 26, 10am at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City
Car shows are officially back. After the 2022 Manila International Auto Show in April, it's now time for the 2022 Trans Sport Show.You may recall that the Trans Sport Show had to deal with a few postponements due to the
It was good seeing nice cars again
Among the first casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic was physical events like motor shows. And while it was understandable not to hold human gatherings in enclosed spaces, we still missed the vibe and atmosphere of a car show. As vaccination rates
Due to direct and indirect issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic
For the third year in a row, the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) has been canceled due to COVID-19. The next iteration of GIMS was supposed to happen in February 2022, following last year's announcement.The event organizers' decision to
The industry is definitely going electric
Last week, Munich played host to its first major motor show since COVID-19 hit. And from what we saw, the realization that there's been a big gear change in the industry was incredibly apparent.To give it its official 'IAA
There were also 27,868 vehicles sold during the week-long show
The 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) has just concluded, and suffice to say, the exhibition was a success this year. More than 1.34 million people attended the week-long festivities, and more than 27,868 vehicles were sold at the
In the same massive venue and with the same strict safety protocols observed
It's official: The 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) is happening from March 24 to April 1. Similar to last year's festivities, the event will be held at a large venue and strict safety protocols will be observed.According to
The event organizers are now also looking to sell the show’s assets
After weeks of speculation, we finally have confirmation about the 2021 Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS), and it's not good news. The event's organizers have officially announced that the next iteration of the show won't take place until 2022.
It will be co-located with the Manila Auto Salon and the Sport Truck Show
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused the postponement of multiple motor shows in Metro Manila already, one of which is the Trans Sport Show.This year's staging was supposed to be held in the third week of May. However, in
You can get your regular dose of motor-show goodness here
The COVID-19 outbreak has already canceled motor shows the world over. Here in the Philippines, the Manila International Auto Show has been postponed indefinitely.That said, we can still get our dose of motor-show goodness because Volkswagen is giving a
All in the name of safety
Earlier this month, it was announced that this year's Beijing Motor Show would be postponed in light of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Now, the epidemic has caused the cancellation of yet another upcoming motor show, this time on the
A very eclectic mix of vehicles
Here's the big-and, if the comments are anything to go by, controversial-car from the show: the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV. The opinion-splitting five-door crossover is Ford's new all-electric car, and some people have
Armored vehicles, a massive Chinese limo, and a load of classic supercars
Remember this? Clamshell-roofed supercar gets a home motor show spot. It's built in Dubai, after all, and gets a Nissan V6. Nice.Don't see these very often, right? This one's been tuned by Fab Design, because of course.
Has it really been that long since the event was first held?
It's hard to believe that the Tokyo Motor Show has been held since 1954. During that year, of the 267 vehicles exhibited at the event, only 17 were passenger cars. This was because of the high demand for commercial-use vehicles
Less than a month away
Wagon fans rejoice: Subaru is giving the world a preview of the next-generation Levorg at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show (TMS).Before you get too excited though, the Japanese car manufacturer is not revealing the actual car at its display this
E-power goes mainstream
Electric cars aren't the next big thing anymore-they are the big thing as we speak. We're well on our way to moving past the point of concepts and ideas, and entering the realm of mass-market viability. We don'
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