They just keep on coming
Man, there really is no end to them. Authorities recently apprehended another pair of motor vehicles sporting illegal license plates-this time, a kagawad and someone who's supposedly both a congressman and the country's number one lodi got caught.Of
This should go without saying
Guys, riding around on public roads in the Philippines is dangerous enough already. Why add to that risk by pretending to be Evel Knievel?Okay, we get it-the added risk is exactly why some wannabe daredevils do what they do. The
Should more expressways allow this?
The Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) isn't just one of the most beautiful pieces of infrastructure in the Philippines-it's also one of the most accessible. This is because it isn't open to cars, trucks, buses, and low-displacement
Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki will also axe several models by the end of 2022
Japan continues to heighten its emission standards as the automotive and motorcycle industries start to go electric. The transition, however, will inevitably come at a cost.Motorcycle manufacturers will have to give up on some of their gas-powered models. According to
Too harsh a punishment?
Think our authorities are too harsh when it comes to implementing local motorcycle laws and regulations? New York City's most recent crackdown on dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATV) might make you think twice.NYC mayor Eric Adams recently led
if you haven’t picked out a bag yet, check this one out
Picking a decent bag can be tricky for riders. Something too big can be a pain in the butt on long rides, while something too small can be just downright impractical. What I have here is something that's right in the
As well as tips on how to avoid this from happening
A motorcycle has better gas mileage compared to a car for the most part, but a bike normally has a shorter range on one full tank just because bikes usually have much smaller tanks. Much, much smaller.To give you an idea,
Perfect for those eyeing a motorcycle but are on a tight budget
Let's face it: Entry-level scooters are still pricey, at least when you compare them with other budget-friendly underbones and backbones.While there are a lot of affordable scooters out there, the pickings get slimmer when you limit the budget
Time to pay up
We don't want to cause panic here, but if you're considering buying a pickup, you might want to think about pulling the trigger at your dealership sooner rather than later.Top Gear Philippines was able to get hold of the
This stylish two-wheeler is reportedly set to debut in India
Think our market already has enough small-displacement maxi-scooters? We beg to differ. If we could have our way, we'd like to keep 'em coming.One scooter we've recently taken note of is the Keeway GT270. The marque is
A full guide for anyone looking to buy a new shell
For motorcycle riders, the focus is almost always on the ride. Questions like "Which model is that?" "What's your dream bike?" or "Where have you been with your motorcycle?" are common enough that any rider probably has a ready answer for
This bike packs a powerful Revolution Max 975T V-twin engine
After adding the Sportster S to its lineup back in November, Harley is now back introducing another new model. Say hello to the new Harley-Davidson Nightster.The Nightster is another Sportster-based model and sits right under the Sportster S in
There’s a 650cc version, too
For the most part, the local big bike scene is dominated by European brands like BMW and Ducati. Not surprising, considering, well, there aren't that many alternatives to choose from. One Filipino motorbike manufacturer, though, is looking to change this.Lycan,
Proof that Pinoys will always find a way to congregate
On a recent trip back to Japan, my family and I visited Oshino-Hakkai, a scenic area located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Oshino-Hakkai is one of the 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan, where you can admire how
Meet the 2023 Honda ST125 Dax
Honda's mini-motorbike lineup is continuing to grow, and we're all for it. After the MSX125 Grom and the Monkey, Honda is now reintroducing the ST125 Dax. What a nice bike, this one.The Dax returns to Honda's European
Riding gear, clothing, accessories—you name it
We'd like to think Husky owners are the types of riders who pay very close attention to style. Husqvarna's motorcycles are quite stylish steeds, after all-they have very unorthodox designs that you won't find in a lot of
We might see a new Vespa here, too
The Lotus Emira wasn't the only surprise announcement Autohub Group president Willy Tee Ten had up his sleeve when he guested on his son's vlog. In the same video, the executive bared a handful of upcoming motorbikes, too.For Triumph,
Can you name the bike this is based on?
Another Brabus story, another souped-up G-Wagen, right? Wrong. Surprisingly, the company's latest release isn't courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. Hell, it doesn't even run on four wheels.Brabus, which is primarily known for tinkering with the latest Benz
The electric Naon zero-one looks like the perfect urban mobility companion
When we try to think of what motorcycles of the future will look like, a few bikes come to mind: the BMW CE-04 and the Husqvarna Vectorr are two of them. They've got simple yet sleek designs that just scream
So, what does this mean for the brand?
Somehow, the worlds of streetwear and motoring have become more and more intertwined over the past couple of years. Sometimes it's a manufacturer telling a designer to keep his grubby hands off the merchandise, and other times it's a brand
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