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There are still low-budget two-wheelers that don’t have it as standard
Let's face it: Riding motorcycles isn't the safest thing ever. With modern bikes having more performance gains with every generation while also being easier to own, it's no wonder motorcycle accidents have reportedly increased by 21% in 2018 based
Proposed scheme expected to be presented at Senate
With the 'ber' months just around the corner, traffic authorities are now in a mad scramble to come up with solutions to the worsening vehicle congestion in Metro Manila. The ideas range from bright and innovative to downright absurd, with the majority
It’s quite the handy tool
The most frustrating thing about riding motorcycles is rain-every rider knows this. Cars are okay getting wet, but a simple drizzle can have any bike owner thinking twice about going out, especially on the highway.Beyond getting wet, another problem when
‘Warriors, come out to play-i-ay’
If you're familiar with that line, then you've probably seen The Warriors, a turf-battle street-gang themed movie in the late '70s. This Honda CB750 turned Cafe Racer was inspired by that film. So, as Cyrus says, 'Can you
Is this really a good idea?
Heads up, motorcycle riders. A lawmaker has filed a bill in Congress in hopes of making the use of motorcycle helmets optional.Yep, you read that correctly. Optional.House Bill 153, written by Representative Arnolfo Teves of Negros Oriental, aims to make
This isolated yet incredibly beautiful place will transform you
In December last year, my loving wife Ren asked me what gift I wanted for my birthday. Initially, she thought I was eyeing a big party (as usual) for my 50th birthday on May 31, 2019. But my reply almost made her
We probably would’ve done the same
Few things are more nerve-wracking than being stuck in traffic when you're trying to catch something-be it a flight, an important meeting, or yes, even a concert.After all, no one wants to spend half their favorite band's
“The part of Osmeña Highway which passes through Manila, Makati, Pasay, and Taguig is toll-free”
Ride-hailing motorcycle company Angkas, different motorcycle organizations, and other stakeholders have joined forces in taking legal steps to stop the implementation of the sub-400cc motorcycle ban on Osmeña Highway, which has triggered confusion among motorists.The sub-400cc motorcycle
See you there?
Is the inclement weather these days affecting your mood? Well, cheer up! Here's one event that will likely reverse your predicament despite the unfavorable weather forecast for the coming weekend.Come rain or storm, Honda Philippines (HPI) is ready for the
Are you having a hard time looking for good motorcycle apparel?
Finding motorcycle gear that fits is a big issue for lady riders in the country. Gear manufacturers overwhelmingly cater to men, and limited options exist when it comes to physical stores. While some women get away with wearing men's gear (I
1,023-piece kit features solid-disc wheels and that signature teardrop fuel tank
The Lego Group is on a bit of a roll at the moment. We've recently seen life-size versions of the McLaren Senna, the Chevy Silverado, and the Honda Civic Type R, and of course, there are also the scale Technic
Here’s a luxury scooter that commands respect on the road
With no immediate solution to the worsening traffic in Metro Manila, competition in the scooter segment continues to heat up.Car owners are still tempted to leave their four-wheelers in the garage, opting for more affordable, fuel efficient, and versatile scooters
#9: When you accidentally damage a bike next to yours, don’t just run away
You are probably scratching your head as you enter a parking area and to witness how the number of motorcycles in the country had multiplied tremendously in the past years.Parking lot operators are now at a loss on how to accommodate
Is this move related to the planned opening of Skyway 3 Section 1?
Do you live in the southern part of Metro Manila and regularly ride a motorcycle with an engine displacement below 400cc to and from the city of Manila? Well, this news will probably spoil your day.Newly posted traffic advisories say that
Welcome to the future of two-wheeled Bimmers
You may recall, almost three years ago, BMW showed us the Motorrad Vision Next 100-a concept bike celebrating the marque's centenary, and one that refused to topple over regardless of how incompetent its rider was. Well, the Motorrad dream factory
The dream of many men out there
Here's a reason for fathers to smile on the special day when the entire world honors the head of the family.A few weeks ago, we published an article about why wives might say no to buying a motorcycle. That was
The brand has released products designed for the Filipino rider
Motorcycles have been flooding the streets of Metro Manila like never before. As the traffic continues to worsen, Filipinos are turning to various alternatives to get around the city more easily, including the use of motorbike-hailing services. With the increasing demand
The pros and cons of each system
The continuous progress and expansion of modern society in a finite world have put a strain on what limited resources we have, and have brought on irreversible environmental consequences. Looking into the future, our demand for more energy to light up our
Vintage cool gets modern tech
It might look like a pre-war vintage bike at first glance, but this is brand-new. First previewed in late 2018, the Nmoto Nostalgia takes retro bike builds to a new level.The man who started the 'Nostalgia Project' is Alex
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