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Are food delivery personnel being treated fairly here in the Philippines? If we're going by FoodPanda riders' recent complaints regarding the company's payment structure, perhaps this is an issue. One senator has even gone as far as to label their
An option if the LCF700 is too big for you
Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Benda recently stirred up a bit of online buzz with the launch of the LFC700, a muscle cruiser powered by a 700cc in-line four-cylinder engine. It also garnered attention with its striking angular bodywork, wide rear tire,
The riders will also evaluate stations’ facilities and quality of service
Starting July 12, Angkas riders will report real-time fuel prices to the Department of Energy (DOE). Recently, the officials of the two organizations agreed to launch a collaborative program to help the DOE monitor retail pump prices. This program was established
At least based on his social media activity
The last time we checked up on Ely Buendia's Instagram account, the OPM icon was plying Sagada's mountain passes on a Ducati Scrambler. It's been a year or two since then and, by the look of his more recent
Have you been saving up?
One sentiment we often hear in the motorcycle vs. car debate is this: 'For the price of a run-of-the-mill sedan, you can own a pretty nice big bike.'The statement isn't wrong, but opting for a higher-end
A personal take on the bike after half a year of ownership
Prior to this pandemic, I was on the fence about buying a new motorcycle for several years. I never really pushed through with it, thinking I'd be able to save up more money if I just took the train to work
What is your take on this issue?
Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Bong Nebrija has a message for riders who obstruct traffic while taking shelter from the rain: You're endangering yourselves.In a Facebook post, Nebrija vented his frustrations regarding motorcycle riders who hide under overpasses
Check out this video shared by MMDA’s traffic chief
Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Edison 'Bong' Nebrija is giving credit to whom credit is due.The social-media-active official recently shared a Facebook video showing the disparity between compliant and erring riders. In the short clip, a handful
Will the stricter measures improve safety for riders and all road users?
Senator Manny Pacquiao recently filed Senate Bill 2263, otherwise known as the Motorcycle Rights and Safety Act of 2021.The proposed bill aims to "recognize, protect, and promote the rights of motorcycle owners and users to proper standards of ownership and use,
Looking for a new underbone? Here’s an option
Honda Philippines (HPI) is looking to maintain its lead in the sales charts by unleashing the 2021 Honda RS125, one of its frontliners in the underbone category.The latest iteration comes with new graphics to achieve a cleaner and fresher look. To
It shares an engine with the MT-125 and the YZF-R125
Yamaha's XSR family of sport heritage motorcycles continues to grow as the newest model has now been announced in Europe. First spotted by the eagle-eyed public in type approval documents, the XSR125 is now an official member of the lineup.
Next-level vehicle customization
Fitting vehicles with decorative lighting is nothing new. Remember the 2000s? Yeah, no video game ride during that era was complete without something glowing under the hood or underbody. Slapping LEDs on brake calipers, however? Now that's something we haven't
We like
When it comes to cars, Suzuki is mostly known for developing offerings that combine a compact form factor with practical sensibilities. Think vehicles like the Jimny, Swift, and a handful of cute little kei cars.Sure, every now and then the brand
This bike is now available in RE dealerships in PH
The Royal Enfield Meteor 350, a bike we've previously reviewed, represents the essence of laid-back riding pleasure. It offers easy handling, comfortable ergonomics, and an unhurried but capable engine. Meanwhile, classic lines and timeless design cues make it a
Black and yellow, anyone?
The BMW GS series, long seen as the gold standard of adventure bikes, celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. Of course, you can't have such an occasion without a special release, and so BMW Motorrad unveiled anniversary editions of all
This futuristic motorcycle looks the part, too
Segway's self-balancing two-wheeler may have already reached the end of the line, but it appears the company still has more exciting stuff up its sleeve. No, we're not talking about those alternative mobility solutions Segway currently has in
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