Articles about Motorcyclists

The new ordinance covers bicycles, tricycles, and e-bikes, not just motorcycles
Motorcycling is more strenuous than driving a car
Have you ever felt severe muscle pain during and after a long ride? Or struggled with the entire weight of your motorcycle while maneuvering through traffic? Do you encounter difficulty in shifting your body from side to side when attacking a corner
117,500 kilometers of riding tales
People typically stick to their motorcycles for an average of three to five years. But with almost 117,500 kilometers logged in its odometer, my 2003 Honda Wave Alpha would have encircled the earth several times. It has been 14 years since
"Never mind the pollution, bugs and buses"
Why do I ride my motorcycle?This is the most common question thrown at me when a relative, friend or colleague who does not ride finds out that I travel regularly on two wheels. Usually, the follow-up questions are a series
Husband: "You look good on it, honey!"
It all started with me back-riding with my husband, Pat. After several long trips with him, he noticed that I back-ride well (if there is such a thing), and said that I would most likely ride a bike well and
It’s time to give back
Undisciplined, arrogant, rebellious, self-centered. These are only a few of the words that many people typecast motorcyclists not only in the Philippines but almost everywhere. As a result of this stereotyping, the two-wheelers end up as one of the most
Practice makes perfect...
Okay, for this we'll start with a disclaimer: Please take note we do not condone many, if not all, of these practices. This article was created from observations often raised by motorists, pedestrians and even riders who just want to share
Our interview with the lady biker
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Jaime Dempsey is not a new face for Filipinos. She was in the country last year to shoot an episode of her Ride N'
While rocking his Ducati Panigale R
Clad in full racing leathers, Gabriel "Gab" Valenciano arrived astride a Ducati Panigale R race bike at our gasoline station rendezvous area last Sunday. He was early.Although it's set-up for racing, the 28-year-old son of singer Gary
Does this bother you?
Whether it's a workday or a weekend, you just cannot escape the long queue of vehicles waiting for their turn to pay at toll plazas--both on the south and north expressways. Whether there are ambulant tellers or none, the long
It can leave quite a visible mark
The guy you see above is John Defensor. He is a champion superbike rider, and he was part of the Globe Slipstream 2.0 event two weeks ago. Over this past weekend, he participated in the Ducati Cup and the Philippine Superbike
See what she does best
If you haven't heard of the name Sarah Lezito and you have no idea who the owner of that sweet face in the above photo is, we'll tell you: She's a 22-year-old girl from France who boasts
Due to rising incidence of crimes
Although Republic Act 10054 (Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009) is now a law, Rep. Celso Lobregat (first district, Zamboanga City) has filed a bill that seeks to allow local government units to suspend the wearing of motorcycle helmets in their area of
Ready for some knee-scraping action?
Last August 12, Greg Tracy was one of two Ducati motorcycle riders to crack the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race's previously insurmountable 10-minute mark after he registered a time of nine minutes, 58.262 seconds. That's within six
To curb the rising number of fatalities
The often-fatal accidents involving motorcycle riders and passengers have prompted the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to call for the full implementation of the Helmet Law.Based on Republic Act 10054 or the Mandatory Helmet Act of 2010, motorcycle riders who are
Increasing number of road accidents prompts request
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is seeking for legislative measures that would require motorcycle riders to wear appropriate safety gears to curb the rising number of fatal motorcycle-related accidents."There is an existing policy on this by the Land Transportation
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